Elias Mpondela

Twaambo Power writes:

Now I believe that we have a leadership crisis in Zambia. You can’t tell me that the entire athletics community in Zambia has failed to replace this man as ZAAA president.

Some of us were young mwa Chiluba when he ascended to this throne, and now mwa Lungu the man is not even shy to come into the open and say he is still President… Chai!!

This is shameful!! How different is he to Mugabe, Mubarak or Ghadafi?

He is not even interested to join other Associations koma yamene iyi…ni greed yabwanji iyi kansi?

Where are the likes of Samuel Matete the 400 metre hurdles, Olympic Silver medalist and former World Champion?

Under Mpondela, Zambia has failed to organise even a marathon or any significant athletic event. All this man is interested is the annual race where he calls pot bellied executives and plump ruling party politicians where he rakes in thousands and thousands of cash.

Neighbouring Bostwana and Namibia have both produced prolific athletes in the recent past and yet Zambians have immense talent as demonstrated by Samuel Matete.

Elias Mpondela must leave man!

So after he is forced out, you will hear ati he wants to be MP…after what we have seen, can’t never!!



  1. That is Zambia for you, the guy has strategically put puppets around the country and those form the electoral college, each time he fates them in Lusaka and they keep voting for him, the sports ministry is also very much asleep, their is no way this person can be life president with nothing to show for it.


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