Elizabeth, a teacher by profession died while giving birth. And before she went into the labour theatre, she watsapped her friend Jessica.

“Jessica don’t delete those two pictures i have sent you today. When I’m through with this, i will post them on facebook together with those of my new born baby. I want to celebtrate with my lovely husband, you my friend and relatives after delivering my first baby after 6 years of being barren in marriage.”…….

Those were the last words of the expectant mother (Elizabeth) to her friend Jessica before she died when bringing a new life to the world. Elizabeth had been married for 6 years without having children and so her hubby was equally happy that they were going to have a baby as a couple. Unfortunately she died during labour even before she saw her only child.

After getting permission from Elizabth’s family Jessica posted the same photos that the deceased was planning to post after giving birth and this is how she captioned it….

“Dear Elizabeth, i just posted the pictures now. You gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, the difference is that it’s not you who has posted, its me your friend. It’s been months now and your daughter can see clearly, she saw me this morning but alas she did not see you. Where are you Eliza? Please come and see your beautful daughter after 6 years of being in shame of beng barren….Eliza I cant believe you are no more. Eliza, death has denied you chance to see your only daughter..Eliza my eyes are full of tears. I didn’t know but now i have known that, imfwa shimo shilakalpaaaaa!!!!!

Until we meet again, Rest In Peace Elizabeth my dear friend!



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