Faith Musonda

The Emerald Production Watch of Zambia ( EPWZ) says it looks forward to hear embattled Lusaka businesswoman Faith Musonda’s explanation on the alleged emeralds she sold.

The Association president Musa Kafwimbwa says his organization is keenly looking forward to hear Ms Musonda the origin of the emeralds in question she sold.

Mr Musa said in a statement that his association’s Anti- Emerald theft department is concerned on claims by the Lusaka business woman that part of the money found at her house were from sales of emeralds.

“ The Emerald Production Watch of Zambia and the Anti-Emerald theft department lodged is deeply concerned in the matter on which mine produced the emeralds sold, “ he said.

Stating that his organization wants to know who bought the minerals and deposited cash at which bank, Mr Musa said his organisation was looking forward to hear Ms Musonda’s explanation on weather auction channels of emeralds were followed and if taxes were paid.

The EPWZ president revealed in the statement that his organization has records of emerald auction and which mine produces the precious minerals.

He says they would want to check the records and the ministry of mines if the claim is genuine.

Police this week recovered K 65 , 330 00 and USDS 57 350 at Ms Musonda’s residence in new Kasama residential area after a tip off from members of the general public.

The embattled businesswoman accompanied by her Lawyer Makebi Zulu yesterday appeared before the police for interrogation.


  1. This woman has no explanation for the money which was confiscated.
    She will soon change her story knowing that the Emeralds industry is now keen to hear whether the right procedures were followed or not.
    Young lady just come clean and confess how you got your dirty hands on that money.
    You can’t claim what isn’t yours.

  2. The Police should do a quick and professional job. Off-course we know she is telling lies and trying to manufacture fake evidence. This is not the only money hidden by the PF Government. There should more money being held by PF for future use including possible hireling of mercenaries. PF are evil period.

  3. That story was fake. It had no signature and was not on headed paper. It was someone just being funny or trying to pick the mind of the public. In short Panic mood.

    They are probably try to find weak points at Law to use and try and flee away on technical grounds. However, this one is tough. Hope our law enforcement agencies will outsmart the perceived wrong doers.

    Since they have asked for time, it’s a clear sign they don’t have a straight forward answer. The have to manufacture a lie that can stand along with the law.

    How difficult is it prove your own asset if it is legal. If it’s a car the white book will do, if it’s a house the title deed will do if cash the source of the income will do. How long should that take? Less than a minute if the paper work was legal as they say. So the whole thing is crazy.

  4. If PF could reveal all the money that they have hidden coffers would not be empty. There could enough money to recruit doctors and nurses for our hospitals, enough monies to pay retirees terminal benefits and gratuities. There would enough money to recruit teachers for our schools. It seems that the new dawn Government id not willing to use the mandate given to it by the people to vigorously pursue PF thieves. It is also surprising the new opposition by the name of Mr. Sean Tembo is mute about this plunder.

  5. She was hidden for days and coached by crooks masquerading as counsels on how to lie, not knowing that to every lie there always some uncovered foot print. Let us just wait and see what unfolds tomorrow. What instructions would the lawyer need to get which she could not give right at the police station? Baice sana aba belatwangala ku bongo.

  6. Bufi naimwe who can listen to her lies. Her lies were bare even before some f.ools masquerading as her international lawyers came on the scene. This girl should just tell the state the source of the loot and quickly become state witness kwasila. Mwaiche – Just say its so and so who gave me this money to hide and win your peace. The state will still protect you as a state witness sweetie. Its that simple. Then we can go for a good honeymoon out of the country and come back incognito. Kwasila. Dont accept to be used you are still young and you still have years to enjoy instead of protecting national thugs, liers, thieves, crooks and cadres.

  7. To all Zambian Youths, here is some empowerment funds you have been looking for. Get your NRC and business plan ready ready.Go to the ministry of youth and sports, tell them you want your money it’s at BOZ. You must all get K1,000 000 from this 65,000 000 Wallala washala.Next the senior citizens K8,000.00each next widows K500,000.00each, next the handcapped next ZP salaries. ZP move fast their is more hidden somewhere.nxt loot ZP salaries again then health care, ZDF, Education next loot found roads,water, electricity,telecoms, cheap public transportation next loot pay back loans next loot reserve bank. Land of work and Joy in unity. We are a rich Nation.

  8. The only problem with a lie is that you have to remember it every time. The goodness of truth, you don’t have to remember it. Wish you the best young lady.

  9. I wish she cheated that she was of cause that is what she could be as a highly placed professional sex worker who deals with rich people, we could have agreed but telling the nation that she is a stone dealer, that gives us a lot of doubts.

  10. We all know who the real owner of that money is. Just look at the lawyers representing her and remember who else they represented before? If she is not careful she will be used as a scapegoat and will be the one in prison while the real owner is enjoying outside.


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