Ephraim Shakafuswa


ON 4th November 2015, around 12 o’clock i received a call from His Excellency Edgar Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia. He was the second sitting President of Zambia to dial my number.

Before this call, i was in the opposition UPND as Lusaka Province Youth League coordinator. I must have been doing right for the UPND for the PF President to extend his hand to me.

Earlier in the morning on that particular day i had dropped off my daughter at Namununga school and went to meet a friend at Alliance Motors in Lusaka’s CBD. The drive to Alliance Motors and the President’s call had what i still refer to today as a divine connection. I remember telling a sales lady that what i needed that day was a call from President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for me to meet certain goals and that call did come through at 12 o’clock. And i made up my mind to switch camps.

My brother and friend Chishimba Kambwili is the only high ranking official who invited me to his office to officially welcome me back to the PF. He is the only one who made me feel welcome to the party i ditched a few months after we won the 2011 elections. His expulsion from the PF left me devasted. Yes he is a loud mouth and vulgar but that is what made him what he is/was in PF.

I took a personal step to reconcile him with President Edgar Lungu but he failed to keep his side of our 30 days bargain as i tried to negotiate with the Head of State. Unknown to me i had made an impression on number 1. Had CK kept his mouth shut for the 30 days i asked for he would have been re-admitted to PF with a ministerial position. 3 days after our meeting he went vulgar on the President and Amos Chanda.

Why then am i writing this article today? My brother and friend’s ego is bruised so badly right now and every decision he makes today and thereafter will cause him more bruising.

His biggest enemy right now is not the PF but NDC. NDC will erase his political career for the remainder of this Parliamentary term.

If i were CK, i would try to think like a General at war. What are your odds of bouncing back as Roan MP in contrast to embarrassment that comes with a failed mission because i don’t see the Kambiwili name making it to the ballot paper. Am a king maker and my mind can perceive things to come. I don’t want to see a depressed and deflated CK.

Here is what you can do; withdraw the Kambwili name from the Roan Seat and rally behind the party you helped form. You can not fight this monster you helped to create and hope to win a fair fight. Take a step backwards and introspect. You have nothing to lose other than Musenge. Is he worth it?

My political mentor, Mike Mulongoti, once told me that a politician must always be heard otherwise one risks being erased from the political field. So ba CK, the window has not closed on you. You can still rant from PF. Make the right choice.

Roan is the sacrifice you must make.


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