One of Ethiopian big and reliable newspaper ‘The Ethiopian’ which boasts of a daily circulation of 120,0000 copies says there is a Zambian opposition leader Mr Chilufya Tayali who is set to marry a woman from that country.

According to ‘The Ethiopian’ Mr. Tayali poses as President Edgar Lungu’s biggest threat going into the 2021 elections and that, the former has mounted the strongest opposition ever, to the PF regime.

Recounting Mr. Tayali’s ordeal when he met an Ethiopian woman a few while ago, The Ethiopian says the Zambian opposition leader is affluent but down to earth after having settled for a common woman in that country.

“He is largely rich and well respected globally for his acumen yet few for a commoner in Ethiopia whom he is about to lead to the alter,” The Ethiopian reports in part.

According to The Ethiopian, Chilufya Tayali commands over 40% of the Zambian voters population and is likely to grab the victory in the next election, in Zambia.


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