We have said over time even in Parliament that state house is running a militia wing but the response by Home affairs Minister has always been that we are bitter losers. The nation was yesterday graced with all sorts and manner of insults towards Kambwili’s mother. What a palm Sunday gift to the nation?

How can thugs drive from Lusaka to Luanshya without Police interference? How can state house sink so low to this extent? To date there is no statement from the Police over those thugs. Women in this nation must rise and never support a party that insults them without moral fiber. There is no reason whatsoever requiring our women to be insulted like that. This is is beyond politics.

PF can never compete with ideas as they have nothing to offer. PF tried paying K10, dancing, brought Choppers, all manners of vehicles they have, comedy, etc they lost to UPNDC.

State sponsored terrorism will not keep them in power. This is the reason they have avoided dialogue at all costs. Who else is still denying that PF has a militia?

Our message to those thugs is that UPND will not tolerate this nonsense. We know you by name,you better reform because if you don’t we will reform you.

We also hear Musukwa paid K150,000 to a prostitute when civil servants are not paid. How much was wasted? We still insist and maintain that PF is richer than government.

Let’s unite and save Zambia. People Power our Power.

The Fixing Team.


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