MATERO residents are haunted by the possibility of having consumed human flesh following revelations that the ritual murder suspect, Nickson Tembo, cooked his victims’ entrails and shared with the neighborhood.

And the Church says Zambia is under attack from evil spirits that want to disturb the peace of the nation and the governance system of the country through cannibalism.

Meanwhile Police have charged Tembo aged 29, apprehended in connection with the murder in Matero Township, with seven counts of murder contrary to section 200 of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia while the other four that were apprehended have been warned and cautioned for the same offence. The docket is yet to be forwarded to the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for further dealing.

A Daily Nation visit to Paradise shanty compound within Matero township, found that most neighbours of the suspect were shocked at the discovery that there were people practicing cannibalism in the area.

One mother told the Daily Nation in an interview that she was shocked to learn that their neighbour had been killing people and eating their insides.

Mrs Florence Banda, a resident of Paradise, a locality within the sprawling Matero constituency, said that she did not partake of the foods that the suspect was cooking, but that passersby would have done so or his colleagues he met at drinking places might have shared a meal with him.

“He must have shared a meal or two with his drinking mates who had no idea about the same just like we have been left shocked at what he used to do, but for myself I never ate anything from him,” she said.

And another neighbour, Edward Phiri revealed that the suspect lived an isolated life and was not that social with people around.

“This man was a bachelor and he lived an isolated life as he was not that social. I don’t want to pre-empt but I presume he might have shared his food of human livers with the children around who had no idea what was going on,” he said.

And Cathedral of God Bishop Naison Nyonyo said as a Christian Nation, Zambians must stand together and get involved in praying to protect the country from the evil hand of death taking citizens under the knife.

He said the Church was calling on every Zambian to pray against this evil thing of ritual killings which has engulfed the capital city and seems to be spreading outside Lusaka.

“It is really saddening to note the unfortunate discovery of people taking innocent lives, and the revelation that some people are even cooking and eating human flesh in alleged ritual practice.

“Surely by now everyone must be able to know that Zambia is under attack from these ritual killings. And as such the Church is asking every Christian to pray against these ritual killings,” he said.

He said it was so unfortunate that people should begin to fear moving around freely in their own country, which was against the freedoms as human beings.

He said these were revelations of demons among the people, which want to make Zambia ungovernable as to bring chaos and turmoil among the people. It is unacceptable that somebody could be comfortable to kill, cook and eat human flesh that it was truly demonic, and so the Church must take a lead in admonishing this act.

“The Church has authority to pray against evil spirits. These are demons that what to make our country ungovernable, and we are calling upon prayers for the state police, for the men and women in uniform to be able to do their work and bring peace to the nation,” he said.

See Pictures below of the ritual suspects house which was burned down by irate residents in Lusaka’s Matero township following the arrest of Nickson Tembo, who was allegedly found with two pairs of trousers and blood-stained shoes and some suspected human tissue.



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