Ex-cellmate toasts Hichilema’s electoral success

WHILE in detention at Lusaka Central Correctional Facility battling immigration-related charges in 2017, Farah Hussein was joined by Hakainde Hichilema who had just been charged with the grand offence of treason.

Together with other inmates including Lusaka Province UPND chairman Obvious the trio graced the cold concrete floor of the crowded Lusaka Central Correctional Facility cells crammed up like sardines.

Although the two, did not become close friends, they were united by the harsh jail conditions before they were both cleared of their charges.

Now Hichilema is President of Zambia after massively defeating Edgar Lungu while Hussein free man doing his business.

In a statement to Kalemba, Farah is says he thrilled that Hichilema did not give up his desire to serve the country despite the persecution he had to endure before becoming President.

Farah congratulated President Hichilema on the victory and encouraged him to continue being patriotic and fearless in his service to the country.

He racalled the suffering that President Hichilema along with UPND Lusaka Province chairman Obvious Mwaliteta endured whilst in incarceration.

“I want to congratulate His Excellency Mr. Hakainda Hichilema for being a strong and fearless man, and that God answered him on his prayers. I know Zambia is in the hands of a good leader. May God bless him,” wrote Farah.



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