RETIRED Zambia Army officer Colonel Beau Chilongo has dragged the Zambia Revenue Authority to Court, seeking damages for false imprisonment and impounding and detaining his motor vehicle for over a year.

Chilongo is seeking a High Court declaration that ZRA’s actions in impounding his motor vehicle was illegal and beyond its authority and jurisdiction.

In his statement of claim, Chilongo stated that he owned a Toyota Mark II motor vehicle, registration number AB819 and that on September 30, 2017, three ZRA officers trailed the said motor vehicle from a toll gate in Manyumbi to a known lay-by.

Chilongo stated that the said officers, without justified cause, approached him and demanded that he follows them to the revenue authority offices at Kapiri Mposhi, in Central Province.

The complainant contended that the motor vehicle was a military vehicle, which he was in the process of purchasing from the Zambia Army.

He said the officers using two cars, crimped his motor vehicle in between theirs and led him to the ZRA offices.

“The said officers detained the plaintiff at their offices for over 13 hours against his will and without giving him any known reason for the detention,” Chilongo said.

“The plaintiff was falsely imprisoned for no reasonable or probable cause or justification from September 31, around 23:30 hours to October 1, around 07:00 hours, when he was released.”

Chilongo claimed that the ZRA officers had detained his motor vehicle without any care or concern of how he was going to transport himself and his goods to his destination as the motor vehicle did not fall under ZRA’s jurisdiction.

Col Chilongo further contended that he had suffered loss of use of the motor vehicle for the period it was detained, mental anguish and distress due to the said events.

The complainant wants an order for compensation for loss of use of his vehicle, damages for false imprisonment, general and special damages, interest and any other relief as the court may deem fit.


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