By Prince Kaliza- Chikankata Aspirant MP.

I fully want to think and believe that every Zambian is somewhat concerned about happenings in the National Democratic Congress Party.

This is so not because NDC is a popular political party, but simply because they had shown total interest to join hands with the Major Opposition Political party the United Party for National Development- UPND.

What was so interesting in this alliance was very simple! It was not about NDC but merely UPND and Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

However before we can start talking about the substance of the Alliance whether it could work or not, let us focus on two political party leadership.

To start with, UPND is not really a perfect political party, it is just an organization after all being managed by its Leadership and Hakainde Hichilema. There might be bad seeds here and there but the situation is always handled within the political party itself.

If we want to be total honest with ourselves , you will realize that people are in love with Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s quality leadership. Hichilema has managed to convince about 50 of not 60 percent of normal Zambians and majority voters.

The man has shown how matured with exceptional leadership of high standard he can be. He is merely amazing. But trust me he might have some shortfalls here and there but the man is visionary and majority Zambians are banking their Hope’s on him for economic recovery and growth.

Now coming back to Dr. Chishimba Kambwili and his political career. In my personal opinion, I think the man lacks alot of things despite him being vocal.

From my observations, Chishimba Kambwili lacks respect, maturity, Leadership and above all he is a stinking divider on tribe.

Here is why I’m suggesting that Kambwili is a total sham in simpler terms.

1. Kambwili is on record insulting the people of Southern Province (“Southerners are more tribal and only want HH. Even if Jesus Christ was to stand with HH in southern Province, the people in that region will vote for HH”)? What stinking utterances!

2. Kambwili really is trying hard to overrate himself on Political terms! How can he demand for 30% representation and running mate when his political party was born yesterday? What has his political party achieved from its inception apart from being expelled twice as President of the same party?

3. Kambwili I knew in my days as a professional Journalist as Mr. ‘Global’ is yet again at the center of Leadership crisis. Mr. Global has failed to discipline and provide Leadership in his own Political party hence being suspended twice as a President! What is really wrong with him or the party NDC? No leadership qualities that can motivate masses in NDC? I doubt NDC is a problem here, the Problem is Chishimba Kambwili period!.

Fast forward, before we discuss alot of things and comments Kambwili made against the people of Zambia, UPND decide to bring him closer to change him to be a better man simply because he has a voice. Yes he has a voice but he has no leadership skills, very immature and lacks direction. I’m suprised that his own high profile members from the Vice President, secretary general, Presidential Spokesperson, Media Director and others have lost confidence in him and they have expelled him quicker than he became party president! How can Zambians have confidence in such kind of a man?

Suspended twice and say you are a lion and Michael Sata student in Politics? I bet he is just pretending to be Mr. Sata’s student! Sata motivated masses, he have poor Zambians hope. Sata was the man for the job.

Yes we might argue about the merits Kabwili is being suspended on! But morally Kambwili must learn to humble himself. His vocality is becoming so useless.

Lastly, watching his Press Briefing he held on Thursday 26th February, I could see within his lips that the man wanted to go for HH and go on tribal divide because that is what makes his political survival.

He wants to show Zambians that Hichilema is one hell of a selfish guy who only wants everything to himself and nothing more! Who is tribal and does not respect other people and other political parties.

I have been privileged in my life to work with Mr. Hakainde Hichilema as a Journalist, from my professional perspective the man is not what majority selfish and egocentric persons tag him to be. If you ever have a chance with Mr. Hichilema you will feel safe once again as a Zambian.

Surprisingly the same Hichilema today will be demonized as the most selfish and greedy person in Zambia, but realistically he is a gentleman and the man for the most top job of this land.

We will discuss further on Kambwili, and others. For now we watch this failed immature behavior and Leadership crisis being exhibited!

Prince Kaliza – Chikankata Constituency Aspirant _ MP.


  1. I would advise that all UPND officials and members stop getting involved in the wrangle0s in NDC. Let them sort out their problems. You surely won’t like Kambwili turning his vulgar language on you. What’s more UPND should use a plan be in all this and move forward. You don’t have the time and luxiary to waste on Kambwili.

  2. Mr. Mazala is very biased in his article, may be because he hails from the same area as his idol, Sammy Hakainde Hichilema. Firstly, theres nothing “Alliance”, between Upnd and the other parties! When you form a political alliance it must not be called by one of the party’s names, it has to have a neutral name e.g. recently in Malawi the alliance was and is still called Tonse Alliance, and not Malawi Congress Party Alliance where the presidential candidate came from, secondly constituencies have to be shared and each party in the alliance fields candidates under the name of their party. So these are some of the issues Kambwili is complaining about. Secondly, Mr. Mazala cannot see the selfishness in his idol, because hes also Tonga! And thats the biggest weakness Tongas have, as long as one is fellow Tonga then he or she is an angel! No wrong doing! Hichilema’s selfishness was seen by the public in Zambia in 2005 when he came from nowhere to take over the Upnd, dis-regarding the existing Upnd constitution! Because of that Hichilema will never become president of Zambia, and we were told on Tv that only a Tonga can lead Upnd, by one Ackson Sejani! So no matter how much Tongas say that Hichilema will normalize the economy, it will not work. In 1991 we removed Kenneth Kaunda because the economy was nose diving and hoped ” Moses” Frederick Chiluba will heal, but we ended up worse than we were with Kaunda! So that argument does not hold water Mr. Mazala. In 2016 you called Sammy Hichilema, Donald Trump because hes a “succesful” business man “like” Hichilema, now Trump is being compared to Adolf Hitler, what does not mean to you Tongas? Where has Hichilema ruled and bettered an economy. Come August 12, 2021 you will cry!

    • All those saying UPND is trying to be selfish don’t understand the national constitution, the current constitution can’t allow more two political parties with different names to form govt, whatever name they would have given the alliance UPNDC or south, west, north, etc, as long as the president and his running mate stand on UPND, the other parties of the alliance will be called opposition in parliament under current constitution and only those who stand on the presidents part will be on the right, this is what those you calling selfish are trying to avoid and also to keep in line with the national constitution .

  3. I, think Mr mukuka if true it’s your name , you are out of context here we are not about tribal .A person talking about tribalism in to days Zambia meaning that you are shallow in thinking because some of us we are in tonga land and we have settled well please stop tribalism.


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