The Choma Magistrates Court has granted a woman of Choma K8, 000 compensation in a civil matter where she was defamed on Facebook.

This is in a matter where Bernadette Mutale sued Benny Hachibamba claiming K15, 000 for posting her on Facebook with her ex-boyfriend, a William Nsama Mutale whom he claims owes him money.

Bernadette earlier testified that on 12th February 2019, the defendant posted a photo in a Group called “Amasampo Mu Choma” and wrote that the Laptop she was using was gotten on credit by her boyfriend.

She said efforts to make him pull down the post proved futile and as a result this brought problems between her and the current Fiance.

When the matter came for judgment yesterday, Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri stated the post was degrading and amounts to Cyber Defamation as this lowers the plaintiffs standing in society.

Magistrate Phiri said the defendant could have posted pictures of Wiliam alone or could have covered her face.

She has since ordered Hachibamba to pay Bernadette K8 000 in K2 000 installments effective March 2019, failure to which a warrant of distress will be issued as his information was not privileged publication.


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