A Zambian camera man and video editor who worked at Bushiri’s Prophetic Channel Television has come out in the open to joining Bushiri Survivors Network and reveal how miracles were edited to present moving objects on camera that Bushiri said were angels.


According to the former camera man identified as Phedro, he is the one that edited the video and created the impression of moving objects that they related to angels.


“There was no such a thing as Angels. That was a total lie. I edited the video and added the objects. If you watch it closely, you will see that  people sitting close to the angels dont even notice everything because there was nothing for them to notice. I have a unedited version of the video and I will share with you to compare,” he said.


He also said most of the things people see on the TV are not real as there is a team of creative people behind them.


“Sometimes even Bushiri himself laughs and jokes about it that people love him so much and trust him that they would even demolish their houses and sleep outside if he ordered them to do,” he said adding: “I fee sorry for faithful people defend him without knowing what really happens. Only if they paid attention to what they see and think soberly, but they are too lazy and blinded to think.”


The camera man was fired for being suspected to be in a relationship with a church young girl that his former boss also ‘chew’ for pleasure. He is now back to Zambia and has started doing his business in Lusaka.


You can watch the video here and see for yourself how Bushiri fooled people:


    • for sure, nothing like that in the Bible. Magicians, I know what they do, even one of my juniors in school is now a prophet their father is bushiri, they are imparted with witchdoctors’ demons, then they are kept to start fortune telling, from there they combine with demons of strange tongues and the word of God of which is not the true gospel. They have magical powers they are fake

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    • This former camera guy is angrey because he was expeled from his work because of his weakness, now he is speaking bad about this man of God,, since biblical times angels appeared on people and individuals there were no cameras, so angels can still appear in our times,,,

  2. No one knows when God acts on anything, not even Bush-iri. No one can COMMAND God to cure anyone or oneself. God’s time is the best. Jesus and his deciples were walking distance not in Limos.

  3. you can only make and edit an engel on smart devices using some softwares not to create, but the fact is that Bushiri’s angels are not really the true angels of God but the evil spirits or the devil’s angels who were giving him more powers to make some miracles and to convince people (who have no or little faith) to believe that he is the real pastor of God.

  4. God is the best judge. 1st people must have Morales. How can I now believe a cameran whom he says he was cheating by editing & now the same today he should speak the truth. A well of water does not produce 2 types of water. The number 1 lier b4 condemning is a cameraman himself & how can believe him today.

  5. that’s why people must watch out don’t blame the guy why should a pastor say angels are in this place and they show them on their tv screen and people believe followers of FALSE prophets are very gullible and naive

  6. Wen Angel’s appeared to men like Ezekiel,Isaiah,John the revelator,etc in their visions and dreams they were exceedingly afraid and they could bow down and the Angel’s talked and told them that they do not do so,how come those people/ members don’t show humility when a higher spirit appears to them? Open your eyes and think about that,those are not Angel’s.


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