By  McDonald Chipenzi

When he was fired, we were all speculating on what could have caused his dismissal especially that his dismissal came after the President expressed alarm at the corruption levels and how some ministers in his government were receiving tranches of money in their accounts.

The President further warned that he would fire such ministers soonest. To his word, Kambwili was the first victim shot by a warning shot.

The president’s big whip landed on CK and his heavy body which is heavier than a tonne of bricks rolled on CK and CK was no longer a minister but a mere MP.

Personally, i welcomed CK’s dismissal especially from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting because of his poor performance there but had earlier proposed that he be taken to another ministry.

Now am expressing concerns because if it is true that Kambili committed such corrupt activities whilst a Cabinet Minister, my question is where was the supervisor? Is it an exposure of laiser faire governance system being practiced in Zambia by our political leadership where each minister make his/her deals without the boss knowing?

Again why wait until CK was fired to unleash the ACC to follow him when for five years, the man was minister and some of those properties he allegedly acquired or about to acquire perhaps have been there for years. Not only that, the man heavily supported his boss using perhaps the same resources suspected to proceeds of crime or corruption.

Without any support to CK’s predicament, I get concerned when politics are used to humiliate each other through scandalisation and mudslinging. This is so because real fight against corruption must start when someone is still in office and fired or forced to be one leave to pave way for investigations unlike what is happening. I have noted this in all political parties although opposition don’t unleash ACC but cadres to scandalise their former members. This practice of politics in Zambia across parties leaves much to be desired.

We have heard people say all evil things about their former members after he/she is fired or resigns such as “good riddance”, “corrupt”, he/she stole money for such and such a program during campaigns etal.

But the question i ask myself is where was the supervisor when such things were happening to the extent of allowing the culprit to resign instead of firing him/her and starting the reasons for such an action? Was the boss or supervisor an accomplice to the crime and because he/she cannot be touched, so it is okay until he/she leaves office?

Dear countrymen and women, what has happened to CK must open our eyes and ears and realise that it is a symptom of a bigger political problem in the Zambian political process where failure to perform your duties as a supervisor is transferred to the juniors especially those believed to a threat, critical or talkative.

I want to see a paradigm shift in our political practice by seeing that wrong doers are not tolerated. I say saw because they are people who have been mentioned in Auditor General’s reports, some by the Commissions of inquiries while others by various watchdog institutions and individuals while others are appearing in court for the same offence CK is allegedly said to have committed but they are left scott-free and are even appointed to senior ministerial positions. Where is fairness? As Richard Sakala aptly put it “Mockery of Justice.”

The president should explain where he was/is when ministers are allegedly committing such evil atrocities to Zambians through corruption, abuse of office and authority and abuse of public resources and where is he to allow some of them facing corruption charges in court are still serving in his cabinet. Kambili should not be the only sacrificial lamb…we need more




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