AN estate administrator in Lusaka’s Chipata compound has committed suicide by hanging himself in the Victim Support Unit office after he was reported to the Police for depriving beneficiaries of their entitlements.

The administrator, Gabby Sakala who is now deceased, is alleged to have withdrawn K26, 000 from the complainant’s late husband’s Bank account who died in March, 2019.
Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed this and has explained that Sakala hanged himself using a string from his red truck bottom trousers.

The deceased was reported to Police by the widow aged 30 of Chipata Compound.
Ms Katongo has explained that a female Officer who was handling the matter left the widow and the accused person in her office and went to the inquiries office to get the Occurrence Book so that she could make an entry.
It is alleged that the widow also left the office and went outside leaving Gabby Sakala alone in the office.

Ms Katongo has explained when the officer went back to the office, she found Gabby Sakala hanging from the rods where the roof rests.


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