Dear editor, don’t even hide my identity. Am Mary Sakala

Zambians Do not be fooled,CUSTSE is a Scam, Dont Join you will cry.

Yes its Zambian but it is there to enrich themselves. They are thieves in short.,Its been 2months that their so-called system has been down.Keith Mulenga the CEO who started this business with his 2 sisters Florence and Clara… After stealing from me more than k3,000 and 500 people, Keith exited the groups while Clara opened a new company called Smart Wealth.

These crooks ask people to register with a k100 which they will ask you to recruit 4people… They never pay people till there threatened to be reported and they block people who are against them. Those people they claim to pay mostly are their friends and few group caders who support them and are given peanuts…

For One to complete a certain stage one needs 4,000 people under them which is impossible making them rich as they know,no one will reach those stages.

If him himself is in other networking companies like Jama for K60 meaning he knows his is a flop and isn’t serious.. Be warned custse and Smart wealth zambia are pyramids which is illegal in Zambia,this family wants to enrich itself whilst u recruit they earn… Me and others have since reported them to authorities.Once you expose them they inbox threatening, I will post all threats.

They are thieves just today when they where suppose to launch the new system that has been down ever since they registered the company they came up with another story saying it will only be open to the public next week. Why can’t they refund people and come back once they sort the issue they keep telling Gullible Zambians that continue recruiting and because of lack of employment people keep hoping…. Please tag your friends or Share before innocent people lose there money… #Custse is a #Pyramid.


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