Bad Boy Records icon Diddy has tapped into the most vulnerable of his emotions while keeping his spirits up amid a stormy end to 2018. Ever since the untimely passing of his longtime girlfriend, beloved fashion model and mother Kim Porter, the music mogul has been going through the motions.

Just last month, fans cr-iticized the 49-year-old father during his mo-urning for failing to marry her during their life partnership. Diddy somberly and humbly agreed with them, replying with, “I know. I played myself.”

Fast forward a few weeks later, and it appears that just four months shy of Porter’s passing and the highly publicized s-plit from former girlfriend Cassie, Puff is still dealing with a wide range of emotions.

Earlier, Diddy took to his Instagram to reveal that he’d been crying for “three and a half hours” straight.

“Man, I ain’t gonna lie. I’ve been holding a lot of s— in lately. I just had like a three-and-a-half hour cry, where I just let it all out. Or as much as I could tap into. And that shit felt great. Sometimes you gotta let that shit out.”

Diddy then went out to encourage followers of all ages to embrace their pain and purge their hurt through tears. “Just saying to everybody out there, man woman and child- don’t be leaving nothing bottled up. Let that thing out. God will be right there to let you know, ‘C’mon, let’s get up. Let’s go.’ Had me a three-and-a-half-hour cry. God is good. Let it go, ya’ll.”

While Diddy didn’t exactly cite Kim’s d-eath as the source of his recent b-reakdown, it’s safe to assume that the normally chipper and positive producer had his late love, and a few other life matters, on his mind.

Thankfully, Diddy was able to find some light in such a heavy moment, while also spreading important self-care tips to his followers.

As one commenter mentioned under Diddy’s video, “Tears are like liquid prayers. It’s okay to let it out.”

Our prayers are still with Diddy during his time of healing. See his much-needed message of enlightenment in the midst of the storm we can all learn from below.


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