Zambia National Team striker Fashion Sakala has dumped his long time wife whom he suffered with when he was nothing for a Nigerian woman.

Fashion Sakala has been married for 4 years with two children.

Before becoming famous, Fashion Sakala who was playing soccer in Kalingalinga ground was being sponsored by the wife.

He could not even afford a bus fare from Mandevu to kalingalinga for a training.

Following his recent posting on his social media page, Sakala has said he was happy to meet a Nigerian woman when he was so empty in his heart.

“I’m so happy that you came into my life when I was so empty, I enjoy each and every company you give me, you give me the total attention I deserve ” he ended with emojis of praying in his posting.

In the photos below, there is sakala with a Nigerian woman when he made money, and in the other one, the humble sakala who was still pleading to the wife.


  1. Most often than not people get married to wrong persons…in some instances they are fully aware that it’s a wrong choice but still go ahead for the sake of it……some realise days, weeks,,months or years later….all in all…bold are those who go for what the heart really wants…..


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