FAZ Charges Poor Coaches K5, 000 For CAF B Licence Course; Clubs Riled


Zambian soccer club officials are riled by FAZ after the body issued a circular in which it’s inviting lower league coaches to obtain CAF B licence by paying K5, 000 participation fee.

The letter dated June 24, 2016 is signed by CAF education officer Daveson Mtonga. According to Mtonga, the course is set for Magodi Lodge from July 5 to 18.

But the notice has not been welcomed by lower league clubs who are on the verge of losing their right to vote at the soon to be called FAZ council.

Officials talked to have expressed shock the new FAZ executive is resorting to tactics of the old order they voted out.

The officials argue that the FAZ executive during campaigns promised to training coaches and referees at no fee as the FIFA grant was enough to carry out such programmes.

“This amount FAZ is asking for is too much. These guys are behaving like criminals. Where is the FIFA money they promised to use for these programmes,” one official who could not reveal his identity for fear of victimisation said.

The officials have since warned the FAZ government not to take them for a ride.

“What do they think we are. Even those motions they want to bring about changing the Electoral College will fail if they are playing with us like small kids,” said another football official.

The officials say they don’t regret voting a new executive but would not shy away from addressing pertinent issues that affect the management of football.

“Most clubs are barely surviving to fulfil fixtures. How do they expect us to now pay all that money for one person to get a licence. This is not the change we asked for, we demand something better,” another official added.

There is growing dissatisfaction against the current FAZ executive committee with club officials growing impatient with what is said to be lack of proper and coordinated change.





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