“As he condemns highly partisan Ethics Committee Chairperson”

As a football loving citizen of this great nation, allow me to share my very personal views about the outcome of the so called Integrity Tests conducted by the Football Association of Zambia for the upcoming elective AGM.

To begin with, it should be placed on record that this purported Integrity Test is a sham process devoid of natural justice. The Ethics Committee was birthed by personal hatred and the process is now being used to fix individuals while perpetuating the continued stay of others at the apex of our game.

If this process adopted any semblance of justice, the individuals making up its composition would not even have been any close to it. The truth is that the composition of this Committee is questionable and therefore calls into question it’s rulings. Football House does not have any room for police officers or judges because it’s not a Police station neither is it a Court room.

By any case, if the FAZ Executive Committee really wanted to know the integrity levels of its potential candidates, it should have opened up the investigations to credible state institutions with capacity and track record in investigations and I believe that even the instigators of this bias process would have been found wanting.

By blocking other people with the passion for the game from participating in its development, the current FAZ Executive is killing the game we love so much. Their conduct amounts to that of a serial killer. With the poor results that have characterized their tenure in office, it is fair to say the people running the game today are Football Serial Killers. Their intentions are never about developing the game but getting and maintaining their positions as a way of massaging their small bruised egos.

My call is for all genuine football lovers to rise and defend our game from these Serial Killers before they struck the final nail in the coffin. We have heard private conversations in which they have unashamedly stated that they would rather have Zambia banned by FIFA than give up their positions, that for me confirms that these people care little about the role that the game plays in uniting the nation. For them, this is about egos and not growing the game.

As a nation, we have invested heavily in football. The nation lost its gallant sons in the shores of Gabon playing this game. We shall not allow selfish individuals destroy the one thing that unites this great nation. One wonders where these people were when this team went rebuilding in the aftermath of the Gabon disaster. We have people who put their lives on the line and championed the rebuilding process because they understood what the game meant to this nation. These are some of the people this sham committee chooses to disenfranchise using a sham process.

It should be stated unequivocally that the government owes the football family an explanation on what the rescue plan is from the abys we currently find ourselves in. As the biggest investor in the game, sponsoring majority of the football clubs including the national teams, the state should explain how it will put to a stop to the rapid mutilation of our game by selfish individuals.



  1. I commented on as to why Kalu lost on moral grounds. Not anything but political affiliation. Kalu stinks PF cadrer.
    Food ball is a unifer for all Zambians regardless of any political inclination.

  2. Kalu was convicted by FIFA so there is nothing to investigate. He simply has no integrity period. People forget that AK is a professional Accountant guided by very strong ethical values. Most people supporting Kalu have no integrity.

  3. Any one has right to belong to any political party, wether PF or NDP…. kalu still stands to be The Great Kalu todate, let us not be holier than that, but brothers keeper for life and for the sake of our unifying game… football

  4. Dont divert people from the real issues which are affecting the country negatively by dipping into football issues which are governed by FIFA rules and regulations. Normal people want you and your PF to address (i) concerns raised on the sham Bill no. 10 (ii) the massive corruption and theft of public resources under the PF government administration(iii) the suffocation of freedom of speech and assembly and denying opposition political parties opportunities to campaign using a draconian colonial Public Order Act (iv) failure to pay salaries of a number of public services staff and workers (v) appointing people to positions based on tribalism and nepotism rather than merit. The list of serious concerns is long and the FAZ Ethics Committee is not one of the concerns affecting Zambia today.

  5. A baboon has much better IQ than this EMPTY box. If PF want Kalu this bad, let then appoint him into civil service or Zesco or ZCCM/IHL Board or for that matter any such politically exposed institutions.

  6. As Government you ows the people of Zambia an explanation and stop these Nonsense by FAZ. Great Kalu made us happy during his time at Football House. As football fan we don’t get a share of any money made by FAZ, so if the management are able to make a National team to perform we are home and dry (happy) Great Kalu did that under very difficult conditions. Here comes your Kamanga with no plain what so ever, they make money off course he has not shared with us as a Nation and Scour fans. As if its not enough pain caused and a great trauma, but shamelessly is till standing on top of the mountain claiming to be just, what a nosens it don’t happen else where in this world. Now because of your politics and the Government also is quite in fearing that people will say its politics let it be so, solve this mess. Viver Bomani Lusambo please do us justice. May God Bless Zambian Footbal.

  7. Chritopher Simwenwa, FAZ and other national football associations world wide adhere to FIFA rules and regulations. Your limited attention to details such as spellings and grammar indicates clearly that you are another slave of ignorance. If FAZ disregards rules and regulations just to make you happy, then you will soon force Zambia out of the international and regional football competitions. Your happiness will be short lived. Wake up Simwenwa.

  8. For your information am not ignorance of football perhaps more educated than you sir. Am disturbed when you guys you want to advance you selfish egos cause of money and your regional politics and disadvantage Zambian citizens who are capable of running Football in our Country. We are blessed with such Sons and daughters in this country and among them is our own icon The Great Kalu and his team. The issue of bring regulations to bar others is the one we are saying No to it. And you will not be allowed to manipulate the people of Zambia on that. So Mr Ngoma just accept and let the person capacity run our Football, we not used failing to qualify and please don’t force us to accept that, its not know to us. Let the fight be in the ballot Box. Viva Great Kalu. Zambian football can and will be baned if you think our football is for the elite people. Watch out Mr. Yamaano


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