The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has lodged a formal complaint to the Confederation of African football (CAF) over alleged age cheating by the Burundi Under-20 national team, according to FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

Burundi qualified to the Niger 2019 Africa Cup of Nations at the expense of defending champions Zambia via a 3-1 aggregate scoreline over two legs.

But FAZ are adamant Burundi used overage players in both fixtures and and have asked the continental soccer governing body to institute investigations.

“I would like to confirm that the Football Association of Zambia lodged a complaint with CAF against Burundi over age cheating,” FAZ president Andrew Kamanga wrote on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Kananga has sought to downplay the recent disappointing results recorded by the country’s two junior teams.

The Under-20 national team failed to defend the African title they won on home soil last year, meekly surrendering to Burundi 3-0 in the final qualification match of the 2019 edition, while their Under-17 counterparts failed to defend their COSAFA title, having been eliminated from the this year’s tournament at group stage.

This means the country will have to wait a few years to see it’s youths teams complete at the continental, let alone world stage.

However, Kananga believes there’s plenty to be positive about.

“The average age for the under 20 team is 17 years. The average age for the current under 17 is 14 years. The average age for the Under 23 team is 20 years,” Kananga stated. “As we continue to graduate them up the ranks, we are creating a reservoir of National team players.

“Our countrywide grassroots football development program will ensure that we have a revolving pool of top class football players for the foreseeable future.”


  1. Soccer family good evening. As long as we go to football tournaments or shall I say,as long as we fail to prepare adequately for any soccer competition and always want to win using the calculator and or boardroom decisions, we will never go anywhere in soccer as a country. I have been in soccer admin since I was 18yrs old, unfortunately I did not play at high level due to the fact that I was more in admin than playing. But I do have a certificate of good performance awarded to me during one of the tournaments of my time back in the 80s. I have followed soccer development so well since then and I have gain a lot of experience , I can proudly say I have I have a successful record which I can proudly point to.

    My brothers and sisters in football family. Where do we loose it? 1. Preparation. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. We must be serious with this undertaking. U20 is not business as usual,the technical team must be well selected and supported because that’s the immediate feed to the senior national team. For me Perry Mutapa is an accomplished player and well derseving coach. Look at what he is doing at Forest Rangers. Charles Bwale very good player during his days and a very good coach at Buffaloes, but I think a technical adviser in the likes of some senior coach should have been attached to the team eg. Big George Lwandamina or Ba Patrick Phiri,experience bwana. The same application to the U17. The new National coach is going to struggle because there are currently no structures to tap into. Think of it family,from success in Korea and defending champions in Africa,the very next year we at zero.

    Let’s put systems in place,let’s put our mind towards success and always think of your sponsor(the tax payer,the fan.) Football or soccer is not about how good your English language is or how successful you are in your personal business, soccer is for the player and above all for the fans. Let’s impress.

    Going forward. Let us revamp schools football. I don’t believe a coach retires, if he does thenit either one is sick or too old to do anything. I see a lot of Jobless trainers( as I like to call them) yet there are so many schools they can be attached to train our boys and girls around the country. My big brother Simataa Simataa is right in all aspects of critism. Don’t ignored him, listen to him and pick one or two things from his train of thought.

    May I leave you to sleep over this and wake up to a bright tomorrow.

    Best of luck

    Fabian J. Nzala
    KStars Manager.


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