THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has banned the use of juju fetishes, unwholesome rituals, sprinkling of substances and liquids on the pitch.

FAZ Super League Manager Brian Mulenga also says the driving into stadiums in reverse, jumping over fences, barring female officials from pitches and other such superstitious behavior should also cease forthwith.

In a letter addressed to clubs, Mulenga said clubs on the receiving end of such “tactics” should report them to the attention of the match officials and the match commissioner and also make an official complaint in writing.

“We have once again observed unsportsmanlike behavior that has the potential to bring the whole of Zambian football in disrepute and can deter any potential sponsors and partners,” Mulenga said.

He said FAZ will closely monitor matches and ensure the unbecoming behavior is curtailed and stamped out.

Mulenga said the sprinkling of substances on the pitch and other similar activities are not only against the FAZ Constitution but are also subject to censure and sanction under the Disciplinary Code of FAZ.

He further such activities are clearly an infraction of the laws of the football as promulgated by FIFA and IFAB and are totally unethical and may be subject to sanctions under the FIFA Code of Ethics.

A video has emerged on social media showing a football unidentified football player sprinkling some substance.



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