The candidates have filed in their nomination papers for the forthcoming FAZ elective annual general meeting.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga, Richard Kazala, Suzyo Zimba and Ricky Mamfunda all submitted their nomination, pending integrity test checks.

Kamanga was first to file his nomination on Saturday followed by former FA president Kalusha Bwalya on Thursday.

Kamanga, on Capital FM radio’s Big Issue programme yesterday, said elections are about ideas that one has to offer to football stakeholders.

He explained that elections are about ideas, in terms of what ought to be done and: “what you intend to do to win elections.”

“Zambian football does not start and end with one person. We are all Zambians and football is played by 11 players; so this shows that it’s about team work – it’s never about one person. So those that have filed in the papers, you have now to state what you are going to do against what we have done. We have the records of what we have done,” Kamanga said. “Elections are about competing ideas; not a popularity contest. So, everyone has to go to the membership because subsequently, we are accountable to the membership…have we served their needs best? How have we delivered? And this is why the soccer fans out there if they had a big voice and they were voting, I’m very sure the election process would have been very different but now you have 86 members who obviously have to make a judgment on who is telling them a better story.”

Meanwhile, Gideon Mwenya, who filed in for the FAZ vice-presidency, said he is not waiting for elections to show what he can do but that he has been in football for a long time.

“We are not waiting for an election to come for us to contribute to the development of football. We have already contributed and I think that gives us a high nod and some people are waiting for elections to come and be seen to be working,” he said.
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  1. Kamanga you are right. It is not about popularity but performance. This is the mistake South Africans made when they removed President Mbeki and replaced him with Zuma who was considered more popular. Look at the performance of Zuma. Full of corruption. So FAZ delegates, do not make a similar mistake by thinking popularity if a measure of performance. You end up losing the gained you have so far attained.

    Kamanga is your right choice if you want football to grow in a more mature and responsible manner.


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