By Staff Reporter

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says Football House will administratively deal with his vice Richard Kazala.

Kazala, who is serving a suspension alongside Blackwell Siwale for the alleged misappropriation of K150,000 meant for match tickets, has formed a WhatsApp group called ‘We Love Football’ where he has added Kamanga and is ridiculing him.

On the group, Kazala has threatened to deal with Kamanga if he does not clear him of the alleged misappropriation of funds charge and has gone on to declare himself the legitimate FAZ president, urging councillors to oust Kamanga at next year’s annual general meeting.

Kamanga has exited the group several times but Kazala has continued to add him.

“Mr Kamanga Ndanga Andrew, this line is paid for by MTN by virtue of your being president, this line belongs to the councillors, it’s not your personal property therefore I am adding you here. Answer questions, don’t run away from reality,” Kazala posted when Kamanga asked him not to add him to the group anymore.

But in an interview, Kamanga said he would not comment on the matter but instead deal with Kazala administratively.

“I don’t want to be drawn into this mud, I have no comment to make. FAZ will deal with him administratively. As far as I am concerned, he is suspended,” said Kamanga.


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