By Melinda Muma

Former PF Finance Minister Felix Mutati has formed his own political party.

Mutati’s party is called Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) which is headquartered in Lusaka.

The party’s Media team has announced today.



  1. Mr Mutati, all you should have done is mend fences with Nevers and forge one alliance, it has already shown clearly that you benefited from MMD unjustifiably since the courts have ruled against you ascendancy to the MMD presidency, in fact though that process, you caused this country to end up with one of the worst leaderships of our time. Right now we do have enough political parties on the ground but since yours is going to take away what you gave PF, you are welcome.

  2. While Mutati has the right to form his own political party, the motivation of forming this party less than 12 months to the general elections begs some questions. We have been talking about bogus small PF aligned political parties who hope to use the draconian Bill 10 to be called into alliance with a PF president in case the PF presidential candidate fails to obtain 50%+1 votes. So it would be important to know what has motivated Mutati to form this party now and why suddenly the PF regime has allowed him to form the party after numerous delays in registering the Mutati party? Hopefully the new Mutati political party can give their reasons and motivation for forming the new party.

  3. He’s certainly no Mainza Chona, Felix Mutati. Late Chona had only a sense for the big picture. He never minded who occupied the top post as long as what he himself believed in was achieved. He was loyal to Kenneth Kaunda till the end. He respectfully gave way to Kaunda in leadership of UNIP when Kaunda came out of prison instead of establishing himself as leader. Leaders come and go and if Mutati really liked MMD, he should stayed on and accept to serve under Nevers Mumba.

  4. I honestly used to think that Felix Mutati would be one our alternatives to the PF insanity. He has just proved that I was wrong about him. The multiplicity of political parties is actually one of our weaknesses as Africans. To govern a country effectively, u need consensus among political players. The same way we fail to cooperate in business ventures is manifesting itself in politics. Even the name Movement for Democratic Change sounds unimaginative. Mutati has just proved that he was not what he seemed from a distance.


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