FINANCIAL Intelligence Centre (FIC) acting board chairperson John Kasanga says the life of the organization’s boss Mary Chirwa and other members of staff is in danger.
Mr Kasanga has since appealed to Zambians to remember in their prayers Ms Chirwa who is also a prophetess.

Prophetess Chirwa and her FIC team have over the past one week come under heavy attack following the release of the 2018 Trends report. President Edgar Lungu, Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya, the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and many other organisations have described the trends report as ‘gossip.’

Mr Kasanga said he is surprised with the position taken by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) over the FIC report.
And Mr Kasanga explained that Chirwa’s life, as well as the lives of other FIC managers were in danger because of the work they were doing.

“When it comes to the full time staff that we have at the FIC, we are clearly very worried because you know rumours are very active in the past one week. You hear all types of things and so forth. And I must add that beyond issues of jobs, there are also threats to lives that we have to worry about because these are all people with families, people who have futures and they are only trying to be patriotic Zambians,” said Mr Kasanga according to the News Diggers.

He went on: “And I can tell you [that] I have never served amongst people who are so professional as those at the FIC. Their dedication to seeing Zambia succeed is immeasurable. So, I don’t know what process would be used to dismiss her because there is a law, there are governing policies of the institution, but as you know, sometimes executive decisions are taken outside what you expect. We have committed to prayer that everyone will be safe because it’s very difficult to do more than that. So I can just ask that all well- meaning Zambians do their part to pray for her, and pray for all the members of staff and perhaps even for us who have served on the board that the blood of Jesus be in front of us.”


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