Filipino woman says she fasted before God directed her to marry Kenyan man

Grace, a Filipino woman who speaks fluent Swahili, revealed that her Kenyan hubby Eric Maina asked her to pray and fast for a week before dating reports Tuko News.

The couple walked down the aisle in 2018 and left Dubai, where they were working to preach in Kenya.

Grace, now a mom of two, revealed she met her husband in Dubai in 2014, where they used to work. The beautiful woman said she was heartbroken and prayed to God to give her a husband.

A few days before giving birth to their first kid, the Filipino woman was involved in an accident, and she said her pastor hubby used to bathe her because she couldn’t walk.

At some point, Maina and Grace resorted to preaching in matatus to win the lost souls to Christ.

“On April 1, 2018, I was involved in an accident when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I fell down a plight of stairs at my mother-in-law’s place,” she recalled.

Grace broke one of her ankles, and on April 5, she gave birth to their first child.

“I was on crutches. I coulsn’t do anything on my own. Maina had to carry me teverywhere I wanted to go including taking me to the toilet and bathing me. I was forced to wear adult diapers because I couldn’t walk,” she said.

The couple couldn’t afford to pay for Grace’s surgery, and Maina’s friends came together to help them.

Grace narrated how after healing, they lost friends at the time they were struggling financially. Maina and Grace even resorted to preaching in matatus (public transport), claiming God had sent them to do so. She also disclosed that Maina was ordained as a pastor recently.


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