Financial Report of SMAZ for the year ending 2020 released.
Here are the significant notes:
1. As a result of implementing SMAZ measures. Collectively SMAZ members have saved K150,000,000 in the last quarter of 2020.

Only 1% of SMAZ members spent money on gifts during the festival season.
2. SMAZ micro economy has grown by 27% of GDP.
3. A 29% of total SMAZ income has been spent on buying own fuel reflecting a 83 % increase in own consumption of fuel, while spending on side chick fuel has dropped to 0.2%.

4. In the same quarter under review 53% of side chicks have been evicted by landlords for failing to pay rentals, reflecting a 44% reduction on SMAZ responsibilities to pay rentals for side chicks.

5. There has been a 67% reduction on the consumption of Pizza during lunch time by working class side chicks, representing a 49% withdrawal of SMAZ members from buying expensive lunch for working class side chicks.

6. Sales of Toyota Vitz have gone down by 52% which is as a result of 39% of SMAZ members stopping to buy cars for side Chicks.
9. There has been a reduction of mobile money transfers by 48% during the same period which is as a result of drastic measures taken by 40% of SMAZ members refusing to send mobile money transfers to side Chicks.

Significant Economic impact is that the consumption of roasted Cassava and groundnuts at Lunch time by working class side chicks has increased from 13% in 2019 to 68% in 2020 as a result of SMAZ measures. A reported 43% of side chicks have relocated to their parents and relatives after eviction from their rented flats.

There has been a 79% increase in infrastructure development by SMAZ such as houses and business properties in 2020 compared to 22% in 2019. This is as a result of SMAZ savings.
SMAZ outlook for 2021 is that the SMAZ economy is expected to grow by 69% of GDP in 2021.
I thank you all.



  1. True!! Life is much better now with the principles and philosophy of SMAZ.

    Long live Smaz. And wew now see less skin bleaching among our chicks after SMAZ members realized that all these fake looks are a danger to their cashflow in life.

  2. Good health for the side chicks I presume…no enduring sticky kisses, lousy sex escapades, no abortions, no more galloping pills to wade off unwanted bastards….. cheers to more health ladies…. with this Covid you better stay healthy!


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