A Student Nurse at MbaIa School of Nursing is seeking employment to raise money for school fees to complete her course.
Suzen Muwowo says she is even prepared to work as a sweeper or a maid provided she can raise money for her tuition fees.
Growing up, the 21-year-old second year student always dreamed of becoming a nurse because she wanted to be service to humankind.

Kasama-based Suzen was also drawn to the career by her admiration for nurses who shared information about health and nutrition among other vital lessons in the local clinics.
Suzen’s dream came true when she enrolled at MbaIa School of Nursing and with an older brother to pay her fees, she was sure it was only a matter of time before she could don the immaculate white uniform as a professional.

However, her brother died recently and Suzen now has no one to pay her fees.
Suzen explained that unless she finds an alternative source for her fees, she may have to drop out of school.
“School fees are now my biggest challenge because the management will not allow me to go without money. I have no one to pay for me so I am looking for any kind of job, even as a sweeper, so I can raise money to pay before schools open,” she said.

“My brother who used to pay my school fees for passed away. He was a businessman.”
Suzen assures prospective employers that she will put in her best to impress.

Like many students in learning institutions across the country, Suzen is currently on the indefinite COVID-19 induced holidays.



  1. The story seems to imply working as a maid is demeaning. These are honourable jobs. I had a girl that worked as my maid soon after her grade 12 while waiting for her results. This girl had been a head girl at her school in Eastern Province. She requested that I keep her money for her and would only get K50 out of it as she was building up money for her college fees. She intended to train as a teacher when her results came out. I Helped her open a bank account where I deposited her salary and she faithfully withdrew only k50 from it monthly for her toiletries. By the time her results Were out and she had found a place to get into a Teacher Training College, she had accumulated sufficient funds to pay her fees and meet a few basic necessities. It was easy to get a few friends well wishers to pull resources and sponsor her for the rest of her training Because she had the right attitude regarding how she wanted to attain her objectives in life. Let’s encourage our youngsters to find something to do to sponsor their own education. No job should be frowned upon.

  2. Where are the student loans kanshi imwe ba kabwala? Peleni uyu mukashana bangwele imwe. Are student loans not meant for students like this one?


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