GEARS INITIATIVE ZAMBIA is pleased at the quick action taken by the President EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU to relieve former Education Minister, David Mabumba, of his duties following the social media reports of his infidelity actions.

GEARS Initiative is however regrets the double standards being deployed by President LUNGU, and government in general, when it comes to such issues of immorality.

President Lungu and his National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister, Godfridah Sumaili, have not been inspirational in safeguarding and inculcating good national values and morals as they are in the habit of applying selective justice.

Some ministers have committed, not only the same moral sin, but have broken the provision of the Penal Code Cap 87 section 177 of the Laws of Zambia yet have been accommodated while others have been instantly fired like Mabumba.

In a related matter, President Lungu and his National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister have been applying the presumption of innocence until proven guilty on some people while others have been found guilty before proven guilty by a competent court.

Currently, we have Minister of Health, Dr Chitalu Chilufya who was arrested and now appealing in court for alleged corruption but has not been relieved of his duties on account that he is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a competent court yet former Minister of Community Development, Emerine Kabanshi was fired without being found guilty by any court.

Dr Chilufya, despite facing such grave accusations in the courts of law is presiding over a critical process of fighting and raising funds for the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

His continued stay at the ministry in the given circumstances and his continued presiding over the daily updates on the Covid-19 in the country is dampening donor support to the fight against Covid-19 due to trust issues.

It is these double standards being deployed by President LUNGU that make citizens doubt his resolve to fight corruption and his commitment to respect the national values, principles and morals as enshrined in Art 8 of the Constitution of ZAMBIA.

Which is more devastating to the nation, corruption or what Mabumba found himself in that has made him lose his job instantly?

We think corruption is more devastating as it has potentially deprived the poor of the needed drugs in hospitals and other essentials in the national service delivery chain system.

We demand for justice and fair applications of the national values, principles and morals to all those who might have gone against them and in this case demand for Dr Chilufya to be relieved of his duties forthwith.

Selective application of moral or/and legal justice and laws by the President and law enforcement agencies can breed suspicions and speculation and consequently loss of public confidence in the governance system of our country.

It is also key that those found breaching these national values, morals and principles publicly resign own their own than waiting to be fired unceremoniously by the appointing authorities.

We applaud the moral judgement of Patrick Mwanawasa junior who, upon implicated in some sexual scandals resigned as deputy Permanent Secretary for Central Province than waiting to be fired or suffer public ridicule and odium.

McDonald Chipenzi
Executive Director
GEARS Initiative Zambia



  1. Exactly right.
    “Thou shall not steal” as in the massive theft of public resources has significant consequence on the country’s economy. “Thou shall not commit adultery” way less consequence: that’s between him, God and his wife.


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