I listened to Mr Kambwili’s rantings on the ongoing Kalusha/Kamanga debacle. The first thing I wanted to ask Mr Kambwili was for him to apologize to the Zambian people for his inflammatory tribal and retrogressive statement but I realized that in Zambian politics we have little honour, hardly any principles,no decorum and rarely any remorse and humility to accept that we are humans and we at times err in both word and deed. I was upset that we should be subjected to such uncouthness and here we are as Zambians applauding mediocrity and rejoicing in political innuendoes which are so divisive and corrosive.
I want to comment on this matter in order to rebutt Mr (Dr)Kambwili’s ill informed comments.

It is important however that I declare interest:
1. I was Teddy Mulonga’s campaign Manager in 2004.Therefore when the TDM executive was going through turbulence I was there and privy to some of the going ons. Kalusha Bwalya was the Vice President.

2. Iam one of the thousands of Zambians who are proud of Kalusha’s achievements and consider him a national hero in sport, I know Kalusha at a personal level more than I do Kamanga who is much younger than me.

3. President Rupiah Banda is not and has never been a tribalist, of course he speaks bad Bemba or hardly knows it , he is also a passionate football fan , who at onetime was Vice President of FAZ and was instrumental in sending Kalusha Bwalya and Charlie Musonda to Belgium . The Banda family have created opportunities for many young Zambians in football abroad and locally through Chiparamba Football Academy and lastly President Banda is my Uncle . My interests have been declared.
Now to the Kambwili matter on hand :
I believe President Lungu speaks more Kopala Bemba than he speaks Nsenga in fact he speaks better Bemba than Mr Kambwili since his has less insults. The point is that just because the whole President of our nation does not intervene in a football administrative matter reflects tribalism on the part of the President should be treated with the contempt it deserves. Football is administered under strict FIFA statutes and political interference is not tolerated and Mr Kambwili’s intervention is Political interference which will hurt Kalusha’s cause more. A few historical precedents might help us contextualize this matter.
First and foremost Kalusha is a football icon in Zambia. We have many others in the World such as Eto, Pele,Drogba,Roger Milla and Maradona etc some of whom have achieved more than our Kalu but it does not follow that their Iconic stature demands a right of passage to serve on FIFA , CAF or COSAFA.

Some of these icons have set up charity organisations, hospitals, Universities, schools and they continue to give back to the communities.
As I have stated football is run according to FIFA ,CAF and COSAFA statutes. We also now have Ethical and moral platitudes we must conform to . We have recently seen some of the most powerful football executives sanctioned and banned such as Blatter , there should be no sacred cows on account of iconism.

Without doubt football is run independently and on many occasions Kalusha as President of FAZ used this effectively, he refused to meet President Mwanawasa, President Banda or Ministers of Sport when summoned. Mr Kambwili as former Minister of Sport knows very well so he should not politicize this issue.

ust like in politics we must not allow idolization of people . We have many unsung football icons in Zambia both at Adminstrative levels such as Alderman Tom Mtine,Late Justice David Lewanika,David Phiri , late Mwape,Kasunga men who were highly successful and professionals of high repute. We had,Godfrey Ucar Chitalu, Peter Mhango,Dickson Makwaza , Freddie Mwila , Samuel Zoom Ndhlovu and many others who in their time attained tremendous football achievements. But humility was a cornerstone of their achievements.
Andrew Kamanga is the current President of FAZ this position comes with its own incumbency advantages and opportunities to other positions in the football hierarchy be it at Regional , Continental or World level. This is why sponsorship has to emanate from the body to which you belong.

What happens if FAZ proposes a particular individual to aspire for higher office at Continental level will this be constituted as tribalism Mr Kambwili?
My appeal to Mr Kambwili is that TRIBALISM should not be peddled for political expediency.
My appeal to Zambians is to be more reactive when politicians take us for granted and try to mislead us from real issues at hand. We must be objective, circumspect and above all we must interrogate issues so that we understand fully . As the saying goes “He who comes to Equity must come with clean hands”



  1. Kambwil hates tribalism and corruption because they stink to him. And is a very good defector of such. And when the defects corruption and tribalism he does not hesitate to blow the whistle as a whistle blower to provide checks and balance. But when the whistle is blown all the thieves, and all the baptized corrupt disciples do rise up their master and themselves. Oh kambwili means sokolola bebe! Some of us we retired a long time ago up to now our leave and repatriation benefits are not yet paid! But they’re ever busy paying themselves allowances in prompted manner liike thieves of mangoes. Truth pains.please ba kambwili work together with hh to remove bapompwe!


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