In sane Countries, this would entail resignation on moral grounds and it’s when Amos should have gone

Amos: Iwe we mbwa ya muntu iwe Kambwili niwe ningakwatila umuchinshi? Nga walwala Sugar na nanikane, the doctors will tell you, iwe wakwata HIV/AIDS, tell the people. And it is not me who infected you. Ndekupela umuchinshi iwe wembwa iwe? (Can I have respect for a dog like you? you are suffering from HIV/AIDS, just tell the people. You want me to give respect to you a dog of a human being?)

Kambwili: Young man

Amos: Even your life, you are below that of a dog.

Kambwili: Young man…

Amos: Keep away from me, you have taken me to court, I have responded why can’t you wait? Those people you killed in order to steal metals, you can’t kill me. And this evidence I will put it before court, what is bothering you?

Kambwili: Ohoo?

Amos: Idiot! You have killed people in Chingola is it not true?

Kambwili: Ohoo?

Amos: Respond, not “ohoo”. Who is Deocious Kashimbaya? How did he die?

Kambwili: That is very good and that is what I wanted to record. Now I will take you on, I have recorded you.

Amos: Yes, you record. I have put it in court papers, what are you scared of?

Kambwili: That is very good. Now I will take you on.

Amos: That miner, kapokola ku Luanshya, ulya wa umine inshimbi ulya uwalemana ulya in order to steal metals. (The police officer you hit with a metal bar in Luanshya who is now disabled).

Kambwili: I have recorded you, that’s what I wanted.

Amos: I have been calling you on my phone here, I am with people here.

Kambwili: That’s what I wanted, now I have got you. Thank you very much.

Amos: Uli imbwa fye yamuntu iwe. Wali ipaya abantu and this I will take before court, what are you saying? (You are just a dog of a human being, you have killed people).

Kambwili: That’s very good, now I have got you.

Amos: Can you answer yes or no?

Kambwili: I have just told you that that’s the evidence I want from you. Ngumfwa kwati ba bepa fye nga ulelanda nomba nakuchita record mwaiche wandi and I will take you on, you will have to justify those things.

Amos: Straight away, even tomorrow.

Kambwili: You have done very well and my lawyers will be on it this afternoon, thank you very much intelligent young man, thank you.

[Phone cuts]


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