1-The fat kid is always the keeper
2-The game ends only if all players are tired (EXCEPT RULE 5)
3-No matter the score, the team that scores the last goal wins the game
4-There is no referee

5-If the owner of the football gets angry the game is over
6-The 2 best players can’t play on the same team, so everyone chooses their players
7-If you are chosen the last one is a humiliation

8-If there is penalty the keeper is replaced by the best player of his team and says “not for good” to mean that after the penalty, the keeper returns to his post
9-When the football comes out of the playground to a remote destination, it’s the person who did the last touch that goes to get the ball
10-The best player on the ground is always on the same team as the owner of the football

11-To distinguish teams, a team should play shirtless
12-Everyone chases the football and only passes when he almost loses it!
13-You kick the football in the air to start a match
14-Its all massive attack, massive defence
If you once participated please add more…………


  1. You have made my day away from the ever frustrating,depressing,sickening and disappointing political news. This is refreshing. A throw in used to be called awizi. There was No offside also

  2. In some case the cross bar on the goal post was not their, short goal keepers always disadvantaged the other, as how high the ball was is determined by how high the goalkeeper jumped
    2.a whistle was made mostly from the mansa battery metal and plastics
    3.their were no boots
    4.individual villages formed teams which competed

  3. If any one has canivors or any shoe he should put them off and play bare footed and we used to measure strength by the size of kapafu that one is big to play

  4. It was a powerful recreation of those days. Each compound / township had enough reserved playing ground for play. Good players were nicknamed names of local Zambian players like Peter Kaumba, Alex Chola… and the good goalkeepers were called Kafwanayo.


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