Dr lubinda haabazoka

By Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

For me it’s Zambia first!!!

My upbringing has been fairly different because at a very young age, I was taught to be loyal to mother and country.

In each course that I learnt, we were taught on how to enhance the competitiveness of the economy to avoid its damage from foreign competition.

One aspect I learnt was that it doesn’t matter which forces are in government. All citizens should rally behind its government.

In Russia, Russians condemn their leader but in a manner that does not make him vulnerable from foreign stakeholders.

In Zambia to the contrary, we have a custom of washing dirty linen in public only to remember our leaders once they have gone.

Rumor mongering and spreading of false hoods in Zambia is so rampant that in the eyes of foreigners we walk naked.

We can’t patronize foreign interests at the expense of others thinking they will treat us better. When Zambia is at low, everyone is at low.

Zambians are their own enemies. We need to wake up and realize that we can’t insult leadership from regime to regime. A country is like a family. When you insult your own father, you have insulted yourself because people will question your upbringing and overall your moral standing.

Citizens should behave like a mother. In a family, the mother will love that child who is less gifted. What the mother does is to protect the image of her own family. Your family is like a castle. Just like family members, citizens are one unit.

What is government? Government is drawn from society. Government is a reflection of its people. Us citizens are government. We influence government. Because we are government.

Until that time when we unify after elections and forget about politics at least for four years, we won’t go anywhere.

Now is the time to unify and show the world what Zambians are made of. We are a gifted nation. Our strength is our peace, our natural resources and our diversity.

Let us stop the hate especially that one being championed on social media. We are only hating ourselves.

We can do better colleagues.

Shabbat shalom…


  1. Indeed Doc we all aspire for a better Zambia and Zambia first, thats more reason we must all condemn unreservedly the corrupt few who have/crippling our economy. Open your eyes and see things clearly, those facing corruption charges are protected by the powers- you mean this putting Zambia 1st? Switch on, see who are dominant actors in construction sector, lets not pretend- that’s systematic capture bwana Don!


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