By: Blessings Kafwanka

I don’t believe Zambia is more corrupt now than ever before. Corruption, nepotism, tribalism, money laundering, tax evasion nefyashala have been there for a longtime. In the late nineties, Zambia was ranked the 9th most corrupt nation in the world by Transparency International. It’s the advancements in technology & increase in the number of media institutions, both electronic & print media have led to an increase in the exposure of cases of corruption and bad governance. Zambia has more private Radio stations, TV stations, Newspapers and several online publications than ever before.

Online publications have changed the way news is delivered. Gone are the days when Zambians had to wait for 19hrs to stay updated with latest developments. News is just a ‘click of a button’ away now. Many traditional media outlets (Mostly private) have adjusted very well by introducing things like “breaking news items”, Social media buzz, Facebook pages etc. Those that have resisted change are losing their relevance and are struggling to stay afloat. Their cash flows are so bad, they can’t even afford to meet their monthly obligations such as paying salaries and wages.

Today, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for corrupt leaders to hide their corruption. That explains why some politicians are in a hurry to enact the Cyber Crime bill into law. Every well-meaning Zambian must oppose the enactment of this law in parliament. We have been waiting for the enactment of the Access to information law for ages to no avail. Why are we suddenly in a hurry to enact the Cyber Crime bill into law? Let that energy be channeled towards giving Zambians the Access to Information law instead.

Ba fisanji bamambala?



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