“I beg all of you to forgive me, those that will forgive me God Bless you and those that will not God bless you too.

My fight with HH wasn’t personal but it was for PF guys that sent me to fight him but this shouldn’t divide the country, am not the only one that fought HH and the many aim was to see him to lose the Elections says Kings Malembe Malembe.

Its now the lesson for us men of God to consider our emotions when prophesying or preaching. It’s a pity that a lot of you guys are calling for the closure of my Ministry and encourage people to stop listening to my wonderful music, have you ever thought of people that will be lost ??” Asks Kings Malembe Malembe.


  1. You are a very big fool. So if pf won you would have Continued attacking him. Poverty shouldn’t make you lose your morals. Be content with what you have and stop fighting other people’s fights. You give Christianity a bad name. You are so irritatingly annoying.

  2. Is that gospel music? You’re dancing for Lungu while singing Bambi bembila bakateka… You called yourself son of the house when others were sidelined by Poncho. Let you guys see hardships

  3. Malende or whoever the hell you are, sheesh the hell up.
    What kind of Christian would do what you did all in the name of politics? Christianity is about Love as Jesus Christ himself was and is about loving your neighbor as yourself.
    Ba Pente and most Christians Never cease to amaze me at all. This Sunday will be the best Sunday to go to church because without a doubt most sermons will be about perseverance in the midst of darkness or trial and HH will be the example.
    Bishops, pastors whoever the hell you call yourselves, motherfuckers start leading by example. Don’t be swayed by money.
    Be content with whatever you have.
    Power corrupts.
    Greed is not good at all.
    Learn to share with the poor and never look down on anyone in society .
    Love your neighbor the same way you love yourself (if at all you love yourself).
    Have some principles and stand by them.
    I feel like preaching right now. Lord Jesus have mercy on them

  4. Those were not politics but primitivity and desperation, poverty of the spirit. Those police shud not be encouraged in Zambia.

  5. Would you have said this rubbish you are trying to feed us if your god Edgar had won the election? Own up and seek God’s forgiveness for using His name in vain. You and the likes of the charlatans (erroneously called christians) for Lungu are nothing but a bunch money-hungry hypocrites.
    By the way your hypocrisy has taught Lungu a lesson he won’t forget for a long time; congratulations for that.

  6. You had even started organizing and spending millions on inauguration of Lungu because you people were so confident of your dirty rigging tricks, ati hallelujah inauguration ceremony or whatever you called it. Go ahead with your preparations since ECL is your god.

  7. Just seeing such hypocrites makes me sick. Innocent people dead because of the dirty politics you supported…what forgiveness do you want from the bruised masses. What of Piloto and co who stood with the bruised masses, are they millionaires? Go to hell for all we care just leave our Bally from you nonsense…HYPOCRITES without shame. This guy is irritating annoying indeed. Wicked humans

  8. I agree with you 100 %. Even stronger language than the one you have used is not enough to describe these guys. Actually they should be tried for treason.

  9. I’m really getting lethargic and nauseous with people asking for forgiveness as they are human beings. To start with, Malembe must deeply reflect on his behaviour and reconcile with himself before asking for forgiveness and reconciliation,
    Just think about your behaviour and the character assassinations have impacted on those people, their loved ones and their followers. Before politics , there is a human being who is a father, husband , uncle , a child of someone and a leader.
    Malembe, God has given you the most powerful tool to bring God to people and people to God. Your talent is heavenly given to educate , counsel and bridge the gap between people. You are a tool for peace through your gospel music and my brother use this Gift abundantly for forgiveness, peace, harmony, kindness, love and tranquility. You are the reason for someone to smile when days seem years , difficult times are far beyond us.

  10. You should not call yourself as a christian if you could leave yourself vulnerable to be used by the PF. You shall know them by their fruits. Your fruits manifested. You are a hypocrite. Right at the start of your hypocricy, i sent you an SMS telling you that your fan base is so full of men and women from different political parties but you continued to eat stolen money from your father the devil of P F.

  11. You Malembe man, you have no idea of what we ordinary people went through at the hands a criminal Gang PF. Just to refresh your mind, Joseph Kaunda, Nsama Nsama, Lawrence Banda, Versper, Shibulo Mapenzi just to mention but a few. Have you ever heard about these people I have mentioned you fool! Forgive yourself you Money monger, you hypocrite. I have not forgiven you.


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