Former President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu has moved and settled into his new residence in ibex Hill, The house which was once put on sale for about 23 million kwacha is owned by Footballer stoppila sunzu and will be rented for the former President and his family by government.


















Information has emerged that President Lungu shifted from State House on Tuesday afternoon just after handing over instruments of power to incoming President Hakainde Hichilema.

On Wednesday, Mr Lungu was pictured at his new residence in the company of visiting Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland.

Commonwealth Secretary General Rt.Hon. Patricia Scotland yesterday met former President Edgar Lungu in Lusaka at his new residence.

In 2017, Mr Lungu had indicated that he does not want government to build him a retirement home after leaving office as he had a number of houses he would occupy upon vacating State House.

In a Tweet Wednesday evening, Mr Lungu admitted that he would miss State House.

“For the past 7 years, State House was a residence for me and my family but I never took it for granted that I would not take my last stroll in these grounds one day; and yesterday, I did. But I did it with a sense of honour that I did my part, just like the 5 presidents before me.”

“I carry with me great memories of the time I spent at State House; memories that we share with many who came as our guests. I’m thankful to the dedicated workers who made our stay memorable,” Mr Lungu wrote.

“My prayer is that the next residents will also create their wonderful memories.”


  1. Damn these people waste money. I hope they never paid too many months in advance. Coz that guy will be going to prison soon like Zuma

  2. How long For? This will cost the people a lot they can hardly afford! Didn’t Mr Lungu make provision for when he was no longer President? When will Zambian people stop this costly financial propping up of previous Presidents, who should have made their own plans for a future from office? This is unsustainable!

  3. Repeal the law. He doesn’t deserve it. He has a home he came from. The people he was retiring in “national interest” didn’t have any choice. So what’s the difference?

  4. At his age he had already reached retirement age so why must he keep on being looked after? Exactly what did he do that benefited the nation? He was the most corrupt, heartless and self-serving person who should be immediately be answerable to all the vices his government committed.

    • However it is dressed, this is wrong and unacceptable in a poor country like Zambia. Meanwhile, there will be a child surviving on wild fruit in Nalolo Western Province, and another in Northern Province resorting to stealing onions to beat hunger! The disparities are so wide & unjustifiable.

  5. How do we know, Lungu is not playing on our intelligence? Couldn’t Sunzu be a mere front? Were we not told by Lungu that he will not need GRZ to build him a house, he already has properties dotted around Zambia?

  6. This is his house, he shouldn’t lie. He was the one building it. Government should not pay him rent. He has a lot of houses, planted all over lusaka.
    Nibani alebepa uyu !


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