Pastor Musonda Mwansa


Pastor Musonda Mwansa writes;


Here are the Reasons!

1. SDA teaches that, the Sabbath is the great separating wall between God’s true people and the lost, contrary to John 3:16.
2. Catastrophe is to believe in a set of doctrines that cannot be supported by the Bible-sign of cults- Mat. 15:9
3. SDA deceived me that she was God’s true church, but God’s true church was in existence before SDA was formed in Michigan in 1863
4. The Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican in Luke 18:9-14 is like a parable of SDA and other Christians.
5. Dear SDA, the Bible is the authority. If you cant quote the Bible to defend your beliefs, keep the comments to yourself
6. Adventism is exclusive religion. They are holy and all non Adventists are evil. Sad for anti-Christ’s attitude toward others..
7. A Bad tree cannot produce good fruits in the same way a false message cannot produce a true Christian.
8. The Pope is to Roman Catholic and Ellen White is to Seventh day Adventists. No difference.
9. SDA are ashamed of their prophet Ellen. They leave her locked in their closets and never mention her in their “Crusades” It’s sad.
10. Remember, the all purpose of the SDA “Crusade” is to make you a disciple of SDA and not a disciple of Jesus Christ.




    • Pastor Musonda, are you also a tribalist like some of your tribesmen sent by the Almighty GOD to come and HEAL the world of its SINS? The fact that SDA is a church where HH and a lot of Tongas pray should not be maligned and attacked without cause. Who do you want to please?

  1. Leave them alone.
    Just form your own Church and teach the flock or join another church and learn.
    What good are you going to get to talk ill of your brother.
    We all have fallen short of the glory of God.
    If you yourself know the truth, please teach the truth to the flock.
    May God bless you

  2. If he is in the truth, why not concentrate on preaching the truth he has but the fact that he is attacking the SDA church after coming out of it shows his attacks are malicious and it testifies a personal vandetta against the church.

  3. May God deliver all of us in the search for the truth pastor.
    May God’s leading spirit lead you to attract people to his alter.

    In the God of Jacob, Abraham, Daniel, David – may we all find comfort and assurance of the second advent of Christ Jesus our Lord.

    God bless you pastor and may he show you his nature.

  4. What he has said is the truth and it is also his opinion which should be respected. If you want to know how the crocodile lives, ask the Hippo. Some doctrines just give headaches to those who formulated them.

  5. Ba Musonda, just believe what you believe in. Ubu ebudushi nomba. What is there I Pente? Kanshi abantu baleke ukupepa boonse. The Jews and SDA, boonse bapepa pa chibelushi, ekwebati, bapepa ifibumbwa mwa? You are dead walking person. Let everyone feel free to worship wherever they want.
    You need deliverance ba Musonda Wesu. I feel sad for you at your age.

  6. I’m SDA and I believe the man thought he would enrich himself through tithe and offerings as other pastors do in other churches.Unfortunately,sda is not a church where anyone decides what to do. If someone is to carry out a systematic investigation, the truth behind his resignation from the church maybe known,possibly the man was immoral. In terms of doctrines, he is trying to be a Bible Student but alas he has more to unlearn and should not deceive God’s people. Moreover, the disciples of Jesus were 72 in the beginning but only 12 were chosen with the 60 running away from Christ… therefore, many are called but few are chosen.

  7. Comment:Fake news,media failing us again.Why entertain such?Why provide space to such things?Media is too small to provide a channel for such base reasoning.

  8. In this country we some tribes that incite civil war.
    The Rwandan civil war was mostly ignited by some so called pastors.
    Pastor Musonda’s sentiments are based on tribe lines.
    And thSe are instrucions from some political party that believes and that started tribal words of war.
    please people watch out, this is going to spark a huge division in this country so called Zambia.
    my experience of civil war, i learned it in peace keeping operations in the African continent. i was prevalleged to investigate as to what caused the Civil Wars in the countries i served under United Nations as a peace keeper.
    if other tribes think they are more superior than other tribes in this country and if those tribes that think other tribes can not rule this country called Zambia. I advise that we split this country as it happened in Sudan.
    Because i foresee lots of blood shed in the near future.

  9. This pastor was not a genuine convert to the Adventist faith. He joined the movement to try and learn their doctrines so that he fight them from their beliefs. He was a plant, a mole by the Jesuits. He has now come out to make war against that keep the commandments of the true Jehovah God of Israel and the faith of Jesus Christ (Revelation 14:17). We are truly living in the end times and the saints must hold on to the genuine biblical truth as probation closes.


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