A Lusaka business woman grateful for her successful heeling at the University Teaching Hospital has returned to show gratitude 24 years after her treatment.

Thelma Musonda Masumpa is said have been admitted and treated at UTH Neurosurgery division in 1995 when she was only a secondary school girl at the time.

Thelma returned to say thank you to the health institution with donation of bedding materials and a wheel chair.

She also lunched with 100 UTH care givers as a gesture of appreciation for the health service he received.

Dr Kachinga Sichizya, UTH head of neurosurgery and clinical care thanked Thelma in a Facebook posting afterwards.

He said the gesture encourages UTH to provide a better service to its patients.

Dr Sichizya observed that there are very few people who have been successfully treated by UTH and have come back to say “thank you” like Thelma.

“Many people have been served and have helped back to health by the UTH. Very few remember to be thankful. All we hear are complaints about the gaps in the institution. To encourage the UTH to provide a better service by pointing the wrongs and gaps is great indeed. But to be able to remember and return to help fix the gaps in our systems is really divine. I think we need more Thelmas,” Dr Sichzya wrote.

“Thank you so much Thelma. We are so proud of you. May the faithful Lord prosper your doings. UTH is grateful to you. Glory be to God.”



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