In 1619 Our heartbroken African Forefathers were taken out of thier African Homeland aganist thier will through what was called the “Door of No return”.
In 2019 the great grand sons and daughters of former slaves African – Americans are coming back home happy to reconnect to thier region of origin through “The Return”. Journey.

Only four countries have been invited in Africa and these include The Gambia,Ghana,Malawi and Barotseland.

The 2019 Africa Home Coming Pilgrimage 400 years Anniversary will be held in Mongu between 8 th to 16 th August 2019.

Further, thier will be a Ground Breaking Activity of the Multi-million Dollars state of the Art Restoration Center Headquarters for Africa to be built in Sifula area in Mongu District.

Expected to be graced by high powered dignitaries who will be unveiled as we forge forward.
You were not their in 1619 but you’re here in 2019, that’s the cause for joining the commemoration as well as cerebration of this historic moment happening in your time.

For now, You can Kindly Read the following Bible versus Genisis 15:13:14, Exodus 3,Deutronomy 28, Revelation 18, Psalm 137 & 44.


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