Four teachers in Mkushi have been suspended for having a s*x party with pupils believed to be minors.

The District Education authority in Mkushi suspended the four teachers for having the s*x party with female pupils from Mkushi Boarding Secondary School.

Mkushi District Commissioner Luka Mwamba confirmed the suspensions in an interview and revealed that the culprits would be transferred to other schools.

Mr. Mwamba said of the four teachers, one was from Chalata Boarding Secondary School while the remaining three are from Mkushi Boarding Secondary school. Mr Mwamba added that the suspensions are with immediate effect.

“ I am confirming that one teacher from Chalata Boarding Secondary School and three others from Mkushi Boarding Secondary School have been suspended for having a `feast’ with female pupils. The disciplinary committee has recommended that all the offenders be transferred outside Mkushi to lower schools,” Mr. Mwamba said.

Mr. Mwamba said the punishment has been reduced through mitigation because the suspended teachers are first offenders and showed remorse for their immoral act.

Mr. Mwamba has since thanked the District Education authority for their bold decision and warned would-be offenders to take a leaf and if not will face the wrath of the law.

The teachers are believed to have taken the pupils to Chalata for a drinking spree and s*x party called “a feast.” Five pupils are believed to have been involved.

The matter was initially exposed by a former girlfriend to one of the teachers who posted the incident on social media.




  1. Suspension that is mockery of justice, they should have been fired and criminal proceedings instituted against them for having sex with minors. No wonder these things are not stopping.

  2. Education, Zambia Police, NAPSA, ECZ, ZCTU, State House, ZAF, etc, etc, all corrupted by poor governance since 1991. Immorality rules. The whole country is not just a huge crime scene, but a replica of Hell on Earth for any righteous citizen!

  3. The suspension and transfer to lower schools is not punishment enough. A Teacher is a role model and they should exhibit such. They will hold bigger sex parties where they will go. Such an offense should not be regarded as FIRST OFFENDER. Immorality is immorality regardless of how small, short or long it has been done. This silly act will not fade but stand a test of time. hence dismissal is the best action to be taken so that it becomes a lesson to others and deter future culprits.

    Since when did District Commissioners handle teachers’ disciplinary cases? don’t they have associations where they belong, who have disciplinary committees in place?

  4. I agree that political appointees like DA should have nothing to do with such issues. After all the organizations they represent area full cases of immorality. Headmasters and District Education Officers should professionally handle such issues.

  5. That is criminal, transfering teachers to lower schools is not enough,because they will now go for pupils as lower as grade 5,the layed down procedures of the teaching proffessional council should be followed, just as the health proffessions council, when a health worker have carnal knowledge with a patient ,they deregistered and prosecuted.So this should be applicable. No animal farm here. IF THIS IS NOT DONE i will personally follow it up being a former pupil of the school in question.

    • Comment: Bwanba Has Bin Given Money Nd Now The Dc Is Acting Like Kid.I Dnt Xpect An Eldely Person Like Him 2 Give A Stupid Judgement Over A Criminal Offence


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