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As a person who has worked in the best Laboratories in Europe and South Africa and in particular majoring in Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry 🧪 , I can tell you from the face of the results of the Zambia and Malawi bureau of Standards that the analysis was fraudulent in meeting standard especially that the bottle label clearly says increases Male libido technically makes this product a drug as it alters normal physiological functions of the body systems. If I was the chief analyst at Zambia Bureau of Standards these are the two things I would look for to allow this product pass the test and meet minimum requirements for public consumption.

I have carefully analysed the label of the Power SX drink and the following are missing or not clear to pass a normal bureau of standards :

  1. The batch numbers are not clear and can easily fade out making it difficult to trace contaminated samples in audit product trail.
  2. No dairy consumption dosage limit and probably the Ugandan guy thought its an ordinary drink I can take 3 bottles
  3. Best before or Expire date should be clearly labelled on the main label for easy visualisation by the buyer not elsewhere
  4. Ideally any product packaged in amber colour bottle and especially herbal remedies are subject to oxidation if exposed to light and may undergo degradation, hence the company should have specified storage conditions.
  5. There is no such a thing as this is a herbal remedy it has no side effects, listen dear Friends, all products have side effects. The major ingredient in this product is Tongkat ali also available as Eurycoma longifolia, longjack, pasak bumi, and tung saw. Dosages of Tongkat Ali
    Should be Given as Follows:
  6. Extract (100:1): 25 mg orally every 2-3 days recommended or
  7. Full-spectrum Powder: 200 mg orally once/day or 400 mg orally every other day.
    It is so shameful why the Zambia and Malawi Bureau of Standards did not query the company to state on the label the ratio concentration of the herbal extracts so that consumers can know the daily intake so as not to exceed the limit because it can cause restlessness, short temper and lack of sleep.

The extract also seriously causes drug Interactions with over 50 drugs and painfully enough it interacts with nearly all antidibetic medication and ironically most men with sugar disease are the major consumers of sex boosting drugs. So this group is more vulnerable, The label should have stated, consult your doctor or Pharmacists if on diabetic medication etc.

It’s so shocking that this company dishonestly manipulated the whole Bureau of standards to brand this product as just an energy drink for fear of not wanting to market it as a drug to go through the pharmaceutical regulatory authority to have proper tests such as accelerated stability analysis, bioactivity, side effects profiling, dosage and expiration dates calculations. I strongly suggest Zambia Bureau of Standards must employ a pharmacists to monitor products that are borderline as food,drink or drug.

The Next part I will examine is the Analysis

B. Analytics

It’s so shameful that both Zambia and Malawian Bureau of standards only looked at whether the product was contaminated with bacteria (I.e Ecoli and staphylococcus) This is purely Microbiology which you can easily get away with by simple boiling 🥵 but what about the chemical content and meeting the concentrations of extracts stated? It’s so shameful Both agencies never conducted content analysis nor toxicity tests associated with herbal extracts. Two things they missed:

  1. The obvious quantification of the claims of the active ingredients of the drink on the label. No one tested if for sure the ingredients on the product were indeed available and this requires special Mass spectroscopy machines such as the orbitrap set in either positive or negative mode to analyse fragmentation patterns of the samples and obtain the molecular masses of the sample and analyse them on Xcalibur. I can 100% say that Malawi and Zambia do not have this capacity.

Analysis of the Unknown contamination

  1. If for sure they never analysed the known there is no way these two agencies could measure the unknown-Unknown, here is what a serious agency could be testing for e.g carcinogenic (cancer causing) contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and orthodox drugs (viagra) in herbal products. Contamination or adulteration of CM products with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or thallium.

It’s so embarrassing and I can tell from the results of Zambia Bureau of Standards that the parameters they used to test this product are for Mineral water I.e checking for copper,Zinc and pH! common guys we can do better. Copper and Zinc are actually good for bones 🦴 and we normally add these chemicals in iron supplement tablets. Worse off as for Malawi, they only did microbiological test and no chemical analysis whatsoever. The test results from Malawi are even more confusing because the market authorisation of the product says the product is from Congo but yet manufactured in zambia.

So it was possible that the product was laced with orthodox drugs such as sildenafil or tadalafil which are all sex boosters.

But let’s not condemn the company but institutions mandated to safe guard the public from dubious business men. In this case, if Zambian men have become this weak and desperately need this product, I suggest they make it a Pharmacy only medicine to be dispensed by a pharmacists like viagra and no need for a prescription but have some level of control.

In conclusion, I standard here as an embarrassed Zambian Scientist because my friends in Kampala started asking me whether we had Pharmaceutical analytical chemists in zambia? How would the drug regulatory agencies allow this product be exported out of the country without due diligence in terms ascertaining its safety, this is so shameful for manufacturing companies in Zambia, especially those in pharmaceutical industry. I was so ashamed and embarrassed so the only excuse I gave them was that most of these Bureau of standards and a number of institutions have been hijacked by unbaked brains from a certain political party and when some of us try to apply for these jobs, they always say your surname is not fit for this job. But ka leza Pali ine I can do a good job.


Larry L Mweetwa
The Author is a qualified UPND Member with several degrees in this Field.


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