Freedom Sikazwe

By ‎Stembridge Sikalundu‎

The Tonga’s have been prime leaders in this country , Harry mwanga nkumbula lead the African national Congress , during the reigns of Dr Kaunda, Tonga’s served as prime ministers, vice presidents , ministers of finance, secretary generals ,directors of many former state companies that operated under ZIMCO, INDECO, FINDECO group of companies then, this includes people from western and northwestern provinces, the record of service is there that classifies men and women who contributed to the best of their abilities in the history of this country, who stand next to none.

The culture that has been introduced by some of the members of the patriotic front to tribally exclude certain tribes has compound the disintegration of the expected unity of purpose , the statement coming from the minister in charge of the presidential affairs in state house compromises what president Lungu reiterated to avoid tribal remarks in the country in Chipata ,speciality comes in many forms, not all Tongas are mechanics, or is into Agriculture each person is able in his or her professional desire ,the statement by FREEDOM SIKAZWE is insulting to state the least .

It is obvious that some tribes are not part of the government machinery because Mr HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is vying for the presidency, could it be right that if HH wins the coming general Election he must exclude the easterners and the Bembas ? even when they merit to be in those positions, what a precedence that has been created by the patriotic front leadership under president LUNGU, this must be broken by future leaders if we have to move forward with love and unity in this great country, he people need a lamb to lead this country and not the lions we see that came for one single objective, to kill ,steal and destroy .



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