Projections now indicate Filipe Nyusi has won at least 70% of the vote. Ossufo Momade (Renamo) is projected to have won only 21% of the vote, Daviz Simango (MDM) 7%, and Mario Albino (Amusi) less than 1%. Turnout was 55%.

The only higher result for Frelimo was Armando Guebuza in 2009 with 75%. This is the highest turnout since 1999.

The level of fraud and misconduct by the ruling party was significantly higher than in past elections. This appears to have been unnecessary for Frelimo to have won the election, but probably contributed to the landslide.

Probably all governors

Frelimo also looks likely to elect all governors. In Momade’s home province of Nampula, Frelimo has more than 50%, on a relatively low (less than 50%) turnout. Only in Zambezia is the result unclear; Frelimo has a commanding lead on a turnout of over 60%, but with too few polling stations reported to be sure of the result.

Renamo boycott

Renamo is boycotting all district vote tabulations, and has ordered its people not to participate in any way in those counts. The boycott was confirmed by an authorized Renamo source but there will be no public statement. Our correspondents report the withdrawal of Renamo from some district counts.

MDM will continue to participate in the district counts, but may refuse to sign the district results sheets.


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