This is Patricia Kansolo who was an officer cleaner but ended up graduating with a Degree in Development Studies.

Today, Patricia Konsolo still trudges on, but is optimistic that her newly acquired credential is about to pave way for her to rise to higher heights.

The academic gain has not changed Patricia’s job description or work habits and neither has it made her puffed-up with pride that most educated people hardly discard.

She is still working as an office orderly, but only for the time being because Patricia is destined for greatness.

A mother of four children, Patricia has been on an unbelievable journey in her career.

Hers is a story of a humbling experience.

It is a story of a brave woman who is also a mother who believes in her dream.Patricia has been working as an office orderly at the Ministry of Works and Supply since 2013.

On a typical working day in her current job, Patricia starts as early as 06:00 hours. She has to clean offices that are been assigned to her and ensure that they are spotless.

She says most of her work is in the morning before her supervisors report for work.

“I start my work at 06:00 hours in the morning.I have to dust and clean the offices before serving tea or coffee to
my superiors when they come into their offices,” she said.

Having worked as an office orderly was not a hindrance for her to advance in her academic training.





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