This boy in picture is Misheck Chiyesu who has been duping people that he can make scannable Grade 12 Certificate for students and people who wanted to forge papers.

Misheck Chiyesu has been posting on social media advertising that he can make an original grade 12 certificate at a fee of k250, a grade 9 certificate at k150 and others.

While the Zambia Police and ZICTA are sitted this young man has decided to take a dangerous route by forging papers for other youths to be enrolled in collages and Universities.

According to our Investigative Reporters, Misheck Chiyesu has been making forged certificates for teachers who use fake papers to be employed in government institutions.

The boy in picture uses a fake name of Rency Kasongo to advertise that he can make original scannable Grade 12 and 9 certificates. He also boasts of combining GCE slips in a certificate.

We understand that Misheck Chiyesu’s girlfriend who is in one of the collages is using a fake grade 12 and we will publish her soon for the police to take action.

We have decided to investigate this matter and see that such kind of youths are caged for us to have good teachers who are qualified to teach our children.

We hope the Zambia Police service and Teachers Unions will take Keen interest on such boys who make our teachers look rotten and shaneful when caught of using fake grade 12 Certificates.

To curb this vice, Zambian Watch will avail details to relavant authorities to ensure that this boy and all people involved are caged for a smarter education system.


  1. Very soon you hear Sunday Chanda and the paya farmer saying it is HH. Everything that goes wrong Chanda puts the blame ,but why ba Sunday? Police don’t have any clue, now that the Zambian observer/Zambian watch have brought this issue up let them do their investigations too instead blaming an innocent HH


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