By Memory Nyambe
Scores of residents in Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound have bemoaned the rise in crime at the hands of gangs commonly called ‘junkies’ and ‘Seventy niggers’.

This comes barely a month after a new police station was commissioned in the area.
One of the affected residents Matildah Liswaniso has told diamond news that her husband was recently attacked by a gang that got away with his valuables.

Another resident Christine Manyuma has explained how a woman was attacked and undressed in broad day light, and robbed off her hand bag in full view of the people.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata- Katongo has also confirmed the increase in attacks by the said junkies while indicating that the area needs more police posts to manage the population.

She explains that the whole Constituency only has three police posts who staffing levels are insufficient.


  1. This makes sad reading but was expected. These thugs no doubt want to use fear to intimidate the public so that the get back their stations and criminal ways of raising funds.

    In the last general elections it is common knowledge and alleged that some Political party armed it’s members with guns and dangerous instruments to injure those who had a different view from theirs.

    We Call upon the law enforcement agencies to use force if necessary to deal with these know thugs and bring the situation back to normal.

    Even if it means the army gets innvolved to eject and fish this criminals house to house.

    We are not going back to the time of intimidation. If it’s a fight this fools want we will give it to them mercilessly.

    Can the law authorities do something before the public takes matters in their own hands. We are sick and tired of these criminals. Enough is enough.

  2. Buju Liza Njombo.
    Nchito yaoneka manje.
    Your overzealous behavior on Upnd cadres in previous regime can be directed to these thugs.
    Permission to overdress in your bush combat granted.

  3. With the will to weed out this junkies, the police can do it in no time with just a few units, but sometimes the will by the police is not there.


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