A Student of Lusaka’s Cavendish University has been fined K17, 000 for deflowering and impregnating a 19-year old girl whose parents had initially demanded K27, 000.

Andrew Bwalya, 27, of Garden Township was testifying in a case in which Peter Banda, 43, of Chipata compound sued him for deflowering and impregnating his daughter Maggie Banda, 19

Banda told Matero Local Court Senior Magistrate Miyanda Banda that it was in April this year when he discovered that his daughter was pregnant.

He said at that time he was pushing for bursary for Maggie to go abroad for college education but she refused to go and later it was discovered that she was pregnant by Bwalya.

In defence Bwalya admitted knowing Maggie for less than a month and that they made love on three occasions.

He however said that if Maggie was sure that he was the one who impregnated her she could have told her parents to come home where they could discuss the issue not at school.

“I was shocked to receive the writ of summons at school when Maggie knows my place and I have not changed my phone number,’’ Bwalya said.

Maggie testified that Bwalya was the first man she has ever made love with adding that they were meeting at his house on several occasions.

She testified that she told Bwalya when she was two months pregnant adding that they knew each other in January 2019.

But during cross-examination Bwalya opted to remain quiet.

In his submission, Banda said he wanted Bwalya to compensate him with K27, 000 which the student said he could not afford anything because he was not working at the moment.

The court explained that virginity damage was sleeping with a girl who had never slept with any other man without the consent of her parents even if she did not become pregnant.

The court established that Bwalya admitted sleeping with Maggie.

It then ordered Bwalya to compensate Banda with K17, 000 with initial payment of K1, 000 followed by monthly installments of K400.

The court said that Bwalya was free to go for DNA test when the child was six months old of he was not sure it was his pregnancy.



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