Gary Nkombo Engages DEC Over COMSAVE And ONO

The United party for National Development (UPND) in Southern Province has called on the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) to issue a comprehensive statement on their findings with regards to the operations of the two banned financial institutions in Southern Province, Comsave and ONO.

Speaking shortly after a meeting with DEC Commissioner, Alita Mbahwe this morning, Mazabuka Central lawmaker Gary Nkombo expressed optimism that the Commission and the Central Bank would soon issue a quick, forensic report on how far they have gone with ensuring that the deposits from the people who transacted with the two institutions are secured.

Mr. Nkombo said it was saddening to note that a huge number of unsuspecting citizens from the Southern Province are on the verge of losing millions of savings following the closure of the two financial institutions on suspicions of money laundering activities but remained optimistic that the two state institutions will resolve the matter without negatively affecting the depositors.

Mr. Nkombo expressed gratitude at the assurances from DEC that the institution would ensure that investigations over the matter are expedited, noting that unsuspecting depositors had suffered huge losses arising from their dealings with the two institutions.

He has since called on the victims of the financial scandal to exercise patience and accord DEC an opportunity to conclude its investigations without hindrance.



  1. ONO and COMSAVE have been operating for several years now. The two have been operating openly and not clandestinely. Many people have put their money with these institutions in the innocent belief that the two are bona fide. Honestly ONO and CAMSAVE could not have been operating like so without any legal cover. Why have DEC and Bank of Zambia taken so long to act ? Please DEC whatever your findings will be and whatever you do ensure that depositors get their money back. These are honest people who earned their money through hard work unlike Chitotela and Chitalu Chilufya who are enjoying stolen money which you corruptly failed to forfeit..


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