Grade five pupils and their class teacher at Shalom Primary School in Kapiri Mposhi district have been admitted to Kapiri

Urban Clinic after an unknown persons sprayed a poisonous substance in their class room.

The incident happened around 12:00 hours yesterday, when an unknown person sprayed the chemical in the classroom and fled.

The pupils who were having class lessons at the time experienced nausea and vomited with others losing their breath and fainted.

A combined team of security and medical officers rushed to the school to evacuate the children to the clinic for medical attention.

And a ZANIS crew that rushed to the clinic found children being attended to at the outpatient wards.

According to affected pupils talked to, the suspected gasser sprayed the poisonous substance through one of the opened windows and immediately fled.

No suspect has been arrested in connection to the incident.
Police have however launched investigations in the matter.


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