Lusaka Province Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo and Provincial Central Member of Parliament Hon. Margaret Mwanakatwe had a busy Friday, sensitizing NIPA and Evelyne Hone College students on measures that government had undertaken to bring to book culprits behind gassing incidents in the country.

And the Ministers urged Students and the general citizenry to desist against mob injustice adding that killing suspects would shield investigative wings from getting hold of the masterminds.

Hon. Lusambo said President Lungu was committed to ensuring that perpetrators were brought to book.

“The President will not tolerate this type of lawlessness to continue, we will not tolerate it.” Hon. Lusambo sated.

He said Government had already arrested a couple of individuals and was closing in on perpetrators.

He added that Government would not look at the political affiliation or their stature in society when dealing with them.

And Hon. Lusambo said the fact that the gassings are politically motivated should not be ruled out.

The minister was however of the firm belief that the gassings are politically motivated but was quick to mention that citizens should not take the law in their hands.

He has since encouraged communities to remain united and know each other and take note of those involved in foreign activities.

“These criminals are using our children, so know your neighbour and know your friend” he stated.
Hon. Lusambo has since urged NIPA and Evelyn Hone, managements to heighten their security by screening those entering and leaving the institutions.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mwanakatwe who is also the Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee has said that the Patriotic Front Government will not allow unscrupulous people with ill intentions to derail the country’s peace and security.

“We will not let these satanic people derail our peace and security” Hon. Mwanakatwe stated.



  1. Delaying what peace?…You found the country peacefuly when you took over from MMD.Look at what kind of Monister you have created because of selfishness.just pave way for people with a vision before you ruin this country completely…yoweri museveni’s strategies to remain in power will not work here.Even those who supported you in 2016, have totally lost confidence in you.Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe using similar tactics.
    What legacy would you like to leave behind?..that you were the most destructive party in the history of ZAMBIA.

  2. what does it pay to hide in sheep’s skin or pretending not to know where it all comes from.
    just be sincere, not also to robe the Nation and say k4b have been spent on operations tomorrow.
    and then bring in the day of prayer and fasting.
    “for how long can you mock God?”


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